My Hero Academia Season 5

In its most recent chapter, My Hero Academia Season 5 brought us a glance into Hawks’ childhood. Hawks, the number two pro hero, has been a big point of concern for most fans of this anime show since his look from the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising feature film and the last episodes of the fourth season.

Now the anime’s fifth season has officially begun with the latest episode, it seems that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Hawks in the future, due to a new assignment he is given in the most recent event.

The series switches to the occurrences of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series’ Guru Hero arc in Episode 90. Hawks and Endeavor are resting and exercising their next moves, loading up right where they left off in the fourth season finale (and the cliffhanger from the fifth season premiere). We’ve got a good look back at Hawks’ younger years within this setup for what is to come.

My Hero Academia Season 5: Hawks

My Hero Academia Season 5

Hawks is charged with a dangerous new mission of researching the League of Villains in the interior, according to Episode 90 of this sequence.

Hawks are coordinating more directly with all the higher-ups of the protagonist association and can be entrusted with a deadly new mission of investigating the League of Villains on the inside, according to Episode 90 of this series. Hawks says he can not deny such a task when debriefing him.

This gives us a snapshot of Hawks as a boy. He had been a source of concern for the hero institution because he had an inborn knack for saving lives.

The young Hawks is seen holding an Endeavor doll in a trashed den, attempting to take advantage of his natural abilities. The executives are all over him, encouraging him to become a fanatic and promising to help him support his loved ones.

Sadly, this is where our peek at Hawks’ history ends, but it does give us some insight as to why he’s equipped to set out on such a difficult journey in which he will be engaging explicitly with the League of Villains.