Marvel is preparing great projects for the future, and one of them is Moon Knight. Recently, Kevin Feige revealed details about his plot.

Like so many other projects, Moon Knight is one of the series Marvel is planning for Disney +. A few weeks ago it was revealed that Oscar Isaac will join the production with the title role, Marc Spector, raising the expectations of fans. Although the details of the series are kept safe, Kevin Feige stated that this production will have mental health as one of its central themes. There is no doubt that the studio is betting more and more on topics of greater delicacy, engaging with the public that is in search of stories with greater depth.

Moon Knight, Is a character from the Marvel comics, a superhero who made it to the pages in 1975 and has remained a constant ever since. Marc Spector, by his original name, is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, a prodigious athlete and with great mastery in weapons considered traditional. Marvel Studios will take you to the Disney + platform with Oscar Isaac as the main star. But the series will not only include fights and battles, Kevin Feige assures that the treatment of mental health will also be fundamental. He stated that after announcing it in August 2019, he was absolutely committed to this adventure.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had an action hero who jumps off buildings and gets into fights. Mental illness is a unique aspect of the program. We left the stage feeling the love of the crowd. And then we said to ourselves, ‘Now we have to earn the applause and the fandom by fulfilling everything we just promised,’ “Kevin Feige revealed of Moon Knight.