La Casa De Papel or as we like to call it “Money Heist” was picked up by Netflix in 2017. And the rest is history. The series blew up so much that almost everyone was talking about it. Money Heist gathered a lot of fan base and people enjoyed it a lot. The show is gripping and takes the person on a journey well I should say an adventure of ups and down to steal a bank. And guess what? They do it again! A mysterious man, named The Professor, is plotting the largest heist in history. He employs eight of the nation’s biggest criminals to carry out this project, who have almost nothing to lose: Tokyo, a skilled thief, Berlin, the leader of the group, Moscow, the digging specialist, Rio, the computer engineer, Nairobi, the counterfeiter, Denver, the son of Moscow, and the Balkan war veterans, Helsinki and Oslo. The purpose is to invade the Royal Mint of Spain, without spelling a single drop of blood, to print EUR 2.4 billion in less than 11 days. 67 hostages were taken by the party, including the British Ambassador’s daughter. They still manage to remain one point ahead of the police with the mastermind operating on the outside.


For season five of the Spanish thriller, most of the main heist participants are predicted to be back. Tokyo played by Úrsula Corberó, Professor played by Álvaro Morte, Lisbon played by Itziar Ituño, Rio played by Miguel Herrán, Denver played by Jaime Lorente, Stockholm played by Esther Acebo, Palermo played by Rodrigo De la Serna, Helsinki played by Darko Peric, Bogota played by Hovik Keuchkerian and Marseille played by Luka Peros.

As well as this, after their storylines ended on minor cliffhangers, characters like Arturo Enrique Arce, Alicia Sierra played by Najwa Nimri, Manila played by Belen Cuesta and Gandia played by Jose Manuel Poga are all expected to return.


Season five will catch up with the professor and the gang doing what they do best, like any season of Money Heist: armed robbery of the highest degree. At the end of season four, there are a variety of loose threads left hanging that potential episodes might explore. Lisbon is now inside the bank, but with Inspector Alicia Sierra pressuring the professor, Lisbon and the others have no means of escaping. They will have to continue to melt gold at full speed, and hope that once and for all, Sergio will be able to find a way to outsmart Sierra.

Release Date

We should expect the next chapter to release in 2021. It was supposed to be released in 2020 but due to the pandemic it was pushed further.