Monarca Season 2

Monarca is a Mexican- drama series which is produced by Salma Hayek. The show was released in 2019 and the show was very successful. The show revolves around the business of alcohol, specifically tequila, and many of the dirty secrets hit hides. The protagonist of the film, who wanted to cut off all her connections and friendship with her father’s business empire, is forced to return to Mexico, but later in the series we find out that the tequila business is not the only thing she’s got, there is more to the story; a lot of dirty little and illegal secrets come with it.


Although it is hard to predict who all will return these are some of the characters who are most likely going to return for the second season. Including these actors, we can also expect some new characters in the second season. Irena Azula as Ana Maria Carnazza Davila, Osvaldo Benavides as Andres Caranja, Juan Manuel Bernal as Joba Carnuza, Jr. Gonzaleb as Pablo Caranja and Daniel Schmidt as Pilar Ortega.


It is hard to predict what can happen in Season 2. Here’s what we think As Ana Mária takes hold of the empire as it begins to collapse under corrupt values, this Mexican melodrama will build up suspense in the coming episodes. Ana Mária’s older brother, Joaquin, will pose the greatest threat to her position. Money, greed, and influence will be key to the twists and turns that will ensue in the next 10 episodes of the second season. Ana Mária will continue to flourish in unethical corporate ethics and grow stronger than ever before.

Release Date

Season 1 of the series was released in 2019, eventually, the Season 2 of the Mexican series was supposed to 2020 but that was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic the season was pushed to 2021. We have an official release date for season 2 that is 1 January 2021. We are definitely going to start this year with a bang. Netflix has also released a trailer for the second season and fans are excited about the next season