Monarca season 2

Monarca season 2 is a fantastic and awesome Mexican web TV series. This was a popular drama which was created by a person named Diego Gutierrez.  There are four writers in this series and they made the scripts in an extraordinary manner.

They are:

Sandra Garcia Velten, Ana Sofia Clerici, Fernando Rovzar, and Julia Denis.

This Mexican series had Spanish original language. This series was executive produced by Diego Gutierrez.

There were three production companies to present this show and they are:

Ventanarosa, lemon Studios, and Stearns Castle.

This series was presented and distributed by the network Netflix.  Let us discuss the release date and latest updates about this upcoming season.

Monarca season 2

Monarca season 2: Release date

The very first season of this series was released on 13 September 2019. The first season was released on Netflix. The second season was the upcoming season of this series and the exact release date was announced for this season.

On January 1, 2021, this series will be revealed on Netflix.

Monarca season 2; Episodes

There were ten episodes in this series and they are telecasted in the last season. Some of the episodes are

“El Tostoneo”, “El Velorio”, “La Coronation”, “Asquerosamente Millonarios”, “Centenario”, “La Otra Realidad”, “Fondo”, “La Venganza de Tzitzimitl”, “El Judas de Borges”, “La Jima”.

Monarca season 2

These 10 episodes reveal a fantastic storyline in the last season. We may expect the new storyline in the upcoming season of this series.

Monarca season 2: cast and characters

Manuel Bernal as Joaquin Carranza Dávila, Rosa Maria Bianchi as Cecilia Dávila Vda. De Carranza, Antonio de la Vega as Bernardo, Luis Rábago as Agustín Carranza, Sophie Gómez as Amelia,  James Hyde as Martin Ross, Carla Adell as Camila Ross Carranza, Regina Pavón as Lourdes Carranza, Dalí Jr González as Pablo Carranza, Alejandro de Hoyos as Rodrigo Ross Carranza, José Manuel Rincón as Gonzalo Carranza, Daniela Schmidt as Pilar Ortega, and Gabriela de la Garza as Jimena, etc

let us watch these characters on the on screen.