German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron in unison defend the common European strategy for the provision of anti-Covid vaccines. Both have expressed their support on Friday for the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, criticized for her management. “Health policy is not a community competition. We have invented a policy that did not exist, it is a formidable achievement,” said the French leader.

The German Chancellor and the French President have appeared at a simultaneous and virtual press conference after a Franco-German Defense Council. The Foreign and Defense Ministers of both countries have participated in it, also virtually. The news has cornered the agenda of the meeting in its meeting with the media in which one from Paris, the other from Berlin has participated.

I fully support the European strategy. What would we say today if France and Germany were competing for vaccines?” Said the French head of state. “The fundamental decisions of the European Commission were and are correct,” said the Chancellor. We will not come out of this crisis as Europeans until we have vaccinated all of our populations,” Macron stressed. And for that, it is clear that supplies must be improved. Because although Europe is the continent that has bought the largest number of doses (2,300 million), according to Macron, the production capacity of the block is not as great as we thought” has admitted Merkel.

Expanding this capacity is not something that can be achieved overnight,” the chancellor argued. “We will do everything possible to make things go faster. March will be better than February and we have from April to June to organize this vaccination campaign,” concluded Macron, who has promised that all the adults they want will be vaccinated in France at the end of the summer. Both leaders have expressed similar (and critical) views on Russia. They have also agreed in their vision of relations with China, “criticisms in terms of values ​​and principles, rivalry in the commercial and industrial field and cooperation on climate change,” said Macron, always more talkative than Merkel.

The Defense Council discussed two weapons cooperation programs, the air combat system of the future, piloted by France, and the tank, directed by Germany. There were only good words as appropriate for a summit, although there is so much time for both projects to be a reality that it is certain that Merkel will no longer be chancellor and we will see if Macron remains at the Elysee by then.