Fans have been itching to see more of Kate Bishop in action since Marvel’s Avengers first teased the latest addition to the roster, and at the most recent War Table, we got our wish as we saw her impressive skill set. and a bit of history. additions you will release with. We got an even better and more detailed picture of his abilities today in a broadcast from the Crystal Dynamics community team with War Zone Director Phil Therien and Senior Narrative Designer Nicole Martinez, and you can watch the full broadcast on video. above. We also got a rundown of what’s to come with the Kate Bishop content: Taking AIM Operation, which isn’t going to have everything originally planned due to some additional polishing being needed.

We saw the skill tree, which included his heroic support decoy. The basic version spawns a drone that shoots quantum arrows, though you can unlock new abilities that further enhance it. Afterimage lets you swap places with the decoy, while Self Destruct pairs well with Afterimage, as you can teleport the drone and then have it detonate, hurting enemies around it.

Warp Arrow is their Assault Heroic, and it works as a long-range teleport when you shoot the arrow, and it triggers an explosion, perfectly setting them up for juggling. Then you can add things like Jumper or Wormhole to it, which is support oriented. Kate can teleport long distances, but it allows her to create portals, allowing them to teleport Kate or Kate to safety. You can also add Cloak of Oblivion, which gives those who use the ability extra armor. Singularity lets you create a Gravity Well in its place, floating other enemies and pulling them in so you can unleash attacks, followed by an explosion that sends them flying.

We also saw their Ultimate Heroic, Quantum Overdrive. This ability allows you to fire many arrows with Quantum Energy, and you can unleash a blast or charge it, but it’s the additional skills that allow you to take full advantage of it. Quantum Storm allows you to fire crossbow bolt energy projectiles, and when a critical mass is reached on a target, they explode.

You can also unlock Quantum Scythe, and this adds projectiles of energy to his sword slashes, increasing your core’s melee damage and allowing his sword to reach.