Lucifer Season 5 which made its way around Netflix lately left the fans on a cliff-hanger and questions which need to be answered. On that note, part two of season 5 has grown into one of the most awaited shows. As fans are getting restless, here is a ray of hope, that states the job on part 2 is 95 percent complete. Confirming the same is the executive producer of the series. Scroll below.

While Lucifer Season 5 was a much-hyped affair, the statement that it will have just two parts was among its type. Now according to reports the series that also faced the wrath of the pandemic is practically complete. As per the tweet by executive producer Chris Rafferty, seven out of the eight episodes are shot. The finale was put on hold because of the lockdown.

But it ends up; the pandemic wasn’t a roadblock in the post-production of the shot episodes. In that case, it’s just the finale titled Chance At A Happy End’ that awaits resumption. Lucifer executive producer verified all this in a tweet replying to a lover question.

Chris Rafferty wrote, “A LOT of people are asking me this question. Sadly the answer is: we don’t know. We were 95% completed #LuciferSeason5 when COVID shut us down. We’ll resume when we could, but our priority keeping everyone safe. You’ll hear when it’s ready. Till then, rewatching is your friend!”

As for now, we can expect Lucifer season 5 part 2 some time in early 2021. Is not this news exciting?