All eyes are on if the next eight episodes of Lucifer Season 5 will be on Netflix. Here’s what we understand about Lucifer Season 5, Part 2 so far.

The bad news is that at the time of writing this, there aren’t a release date for Lucifer Season 5, Part 2. The good thing is it’s definitely happening. We just have to wait a tiny bit.

However, this is one of those posts which we can update as more information comes out. It becomes the heart of all things Lucifer Season 5, Part two. And there will be a lot to share.

So, what do we understand up to now? Let’s dive in!

Release Date

There are not a release date, but we’re sure the series will broadcast in 2021. There are no good reason for it to not. The fifth season is going to be on the last components of post-production at the moment, since the filming of Season 6 is currently happening.

Netflix is at a point where there is limited material to discuss on account of the creation shutdowns in early- to mid-2020. With a knock-on impact for release dates, so Netflix will wish to distance content out. But, we’re hoping Part two will be out sooner rather than later.

Some reshoots may have been needed as a result of the renewal of Lucifer Season 6. Hopefully, not too many!


The main cast from the first portion of the year will return. Component 2 should also include Inbar Levi as Eve.

There are a couple of new developments to the next half of the season. Dennis Haysbert will reunite as God after his big reveal at the end of Episode 8.

We also know Alison McAtee will perform Elizabeth Newton in Episode 14, but no additional details are understood. Catherine Dent will play Dr. Alice Porter at some point during the next half of this year. Teri Reeves is joining as Col. O’Brien, place to join in Episode 10.

Scott Porter affirmed he’s linking the season but hasn’t given the function yet. Supernatural fans may wish to pay attention as he may be linking as Castiel.

Jenny Tran will appear in Episode 14 as Larper Kim, Daniel Hoetmer is going to be in Episode 9 as of April Peterson, and Mark Adair-Rios is Juan Perez in Episodes 9 and 10.

Chris Payne Gilbert is also back as John Decker during the season. He’s set to appear at the Lucifer Season 5 finale.


There aren’t a trailer just yet. We’ll be sure to bring it when one is available.