Love island an American reality show for dating inspired from the British dating series Love island. The show was first aired on July 9th 2019 on CBS. Then the series was again renewed on august 1st 2019 for a season two. As in the beginning the show was to be released on May 21st 2020. Then due to the ongoing pandemic the series was then postponed and was then premiered on August 24th 2020. The season one had 25 episodes followed by season two with 31 episodes.

Love Island Season 2 Cast

Love island again came up with new contestants. All fresh faces are ready for their summer fling.
(1) Julia Hall
Age: 26
(2) Lakeyn Call
Age: 21
(3) Bennie Bivens
Age: 24
(4) Bennett Sipes
Age: 26
(5) De’Andre Heath
Age: 25
(6) Sher Suarez
Age: 22

Love Island Season 2 Plot

The show started with the entry of all the contestants and all the boys were asked to choose one girl whom they want to pair up with.

Love Island Season 2 Release date

The season two of the show started airing in August 2020 and went in for forty days and came to an end on September 30th 2020. The show was won by Caleb corprew of age 24 years and Justin Ndiba of 27 years.