Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, all have countless followers on social media. Formula 1 is the highest point of motor racing. The sport can be commercially followed and demanding widely around the globe.

Meanwhile, Formula 1 drivers are supplied with an essential platform.TopRatedCasino recently compiled a listing of the highest earners from messages that were sponsored in Formula 1. It was also reported the Lewis Hamilton’s potential value of every sponsored post is the greatest one of Formula 1 drivers.

The potential value of every sponsored article was determined based on the public after on popular social networking networks. It was noted that Lewis Hamilton has more than 20 million followers over several societal networking platforms.

Lewis Hamilton tops another interesting race:

1. Hamilton 20.4m, €57.820
2. Leclerc 3.7m, €10.658
3. Ricciardo 3.7m, €10.589
4. Verstappen 3.6m, €10.407
5. Norris 2.2m, €6.308
6. Räikkönen, 2.1m, €5.940
7. Sainz 1.8 m, €5.345
8. Bottas 1.7m, €5.040
9. Russell 930k, €3.950
10. Grosjean 907k, €3.850
11. Albon 870k, €3.700
12. Gasly 1.2m, €3.639
13. Ocon 696k, €2.955
14. Hulkenberg 1m, €2.895
15. Perez 1m, €2.839

Needless to say, the 6-time World Champion can fetch an important number for every article. According to the following, Hamilton could earn around $58,000 per sponsored article. Charles Leclerc follows Lewis Hamilton on the list. In comparison with Lewis, Leclerc’s next is significantly less with”just” 3.7 million followers.

The reports suggest that a sponsored post from the Ferrari driver is planet mildly over $10,000.Daniel Ricciardo makes another podium position P3 on the listing. The honey badger is reported to have a similar following as Charles Leclerc. However, he is reported to earn about $100 less per sponsored post.

Formula 1 drivers are paid tens of thousands of euros for their sponsored articles. On the other hand, the drivers aren’t just about sponsored posts. They certainly understand the impact that they have on interpersonal networking.

In addition, they use their platform to go over pertinent social and environmental issues from all over the world.