Last chance U is an American TV series. It is a sports film documentary directed by Greg Whitely, Adam Ridley, and Luke Lorentzen. The show is premiered on Netflix and it first aired on July 29th 2016 with s number of six episodes. The show after that created four more seasons and end up airing on July 28th 2020 with a total of eleven episodes. Season one begins with the East Mississippi football program. It features players who are trying to find a solution to the problems in their lives. Season two was also about Mississippi but in season three it showed independence community college. Season four also returned to independence but season five was about Laney college California. The show received a rating of IMDb 8.5/10 and 94% from rotten tomatoes.

The Plot Of Last chance U Season 5

The season one and two of the show was presented in East Mississippi community college and was then represented in independence community college for the next two seasons that is season three and four. And the last but not least season five followed event Mrs in Laney college California.

Last Chance U season 5 the finale?

The fifth season is now expected to be the finale of the show as declared by the creators but there is a chance that we might get to see basketball instead of American football in 2021.

The Release Date Of Last chance U Season 5

The show with season five titled as Last chance U: Laney- land in one go on aired on July 28th this year with eight episodes. A short trailer is also out so all the fans can check it out.