• Kevin Owens explains that NXT should be part of the WWE Draft every year

Kevin Owens recently spoke with Ryan Droste of ComicBook.com where he stated that he would like NXT to also be able to switch fighters with RAW and SmackDown in each year’s Draft. Owens added that RAW and SmackDown should be able to host NXT Superstars, and vice versa. In addition, he stated that the level of competition in NXT is extraordinary.

“In every draft, they can recruit NXT Superstars, but we have never seen a Raw or SmackDown fighter move to NXT,” stated Kevin Owens when asked if NXT should be included in future WWE Drafts. “I think that should happen every year.”

“I think both RAW and SmackDown can recruit talent from NXT and vice versa because I think the level of competition is extraordinary there. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to do it, it would be brilliant and it would help all the brands, “said Kevin Owens.

Nxt Should Look Like A Third Brand

“NXT should be seen as a third brand,” stated Kevin Owens of NXT. “I feel like in many ways they are, and I think they should continue to be displayed and promoted that way, as well as be presented in the best light to all who are not hardcore or casual fans of the brand.”

“I think a lot of fans should be aware of NXT and that it is as good as Raw and SmackDown. A good way to do it would probably be to put them in the Draft and see that the talent of the main roster can also triumph in NXT. I’m sure it will. That would be a really interesting mix of talent and a good way to attract more fans, “said Kevin Owens.