• Daniel Bryan says his contract with WWE will end soon and wants to spend more time with his children

Daniel Bryan was recently interviewed by BT Sport where they asked him how he feels physically in his day to day life and about his longevity. Bryan talked about how fatherhood is his top priority right now, adding that while he still loves professional wrestling, he wants to be a full-time father and a part-time wrestler.

“I am confident in my body and my longevity,” stated Bryan. “But now in my life, I have little different priorities when it comes to wrestling. I love wrestling and I feel like I will always love it, but the question is if I want to continue wrestling full time. I have two babies at home, which complicates that I can dedicate all my time to fight. ”

“So now I am changing the priorities in my life, where for years wrestling took the key focus. My contract with WWE is ending soon and we are looking for the possibility of becoming a part-time wrestler. Right now wrestling is secondary to My, being a father is the most important thing in my life right now, “said Daniel Bryan.