Kenny Ortega was the show’s creator. Julie and The Phantoms Season 1 premiered on Netflix in September 2020. It was instantly a fan favorite thanks to its engaging storyline, catchy music, and dominant characters. Season 1 was a huge hit on Netflix, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 93%. Julie and the Phantom is a binge-worthy series that fans love, and they are eager to see the sequel. Will the showrunners deliver another thrilling season? This is all we know.

Are Julie and The Phantom Renewed For Season 2?

The showrunners have yet to confirm the renewal of Julie & the Phantoms Season 2. Fans have been waiting for this moment for a while, but Netflix has remained silent about the matter. There are many rumors and predictions from fans. Netflix is taking longer to renew the series, so we expect a strong comeback.

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date for Julie and the Phantoms Season 2. If the show is renewed, we might expect it to premiere in 2022. According to our sources, the writers are currently working on the sequel to offer something new to the audience. We will soon receive an official announcement.

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