• JTG explains that he and Shad Gaspar were going to win the WWE World Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam 2009

Former WWE Superstar JTG confirmed in the latest issue of SK Wrestlings Off the SKript that Cryme Tyme was going to win the WWE World Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam 2009 before WWE creatives altered plans to last minute.

JTG went into detail about the WWE World Tag Team title match, where Cryme Tyme would face Jeri-Show, the team made up of Chris Jericho and Big Show, at SummerSlam 2009 and how, initially, he and the late Shad Gaspard were slated to become the new champions :

JTG Declared,

“We were scheduled to win the titles, and I think it changed when Jericho and Big Show got into a rivalry with DX. So yeah, we were supposed to beat them but you know, there was a last-minute change. I think it would have been great to have Cryme Tyme champions and face them against DX. It would have been so much better!

The Tragic Death Of Shad Gaspard

In mid-May, Shad Gaspard and his 10-year-old son were among a group of swimmers who got caught in a strong stream of water. Rescuers in the area went into the water to try to help all the swimmers, but Gaspard told them to rescue his son before he did. The boy was safely pulled out of the water but Shad was hit by a large wave and it was the last time he was seen alive. On May 20 of this year, it was confirmed that his lifeless body was found.