• WWE wanted Britney Spears to appear on a Monday Night RAW show after the appearance of her then-partner, K-Fed

WWE has featured many celebrities in their shows and sometimes their intention is for them to intervene in events and get involved in some segment. That’s what happened with K-Fed, but the company really wanted to bring in, then-wife, Britney Spears.

Bruce Prichard recently spoke about this matter in the latest edition of Something To Wrestle With, where he revealed that there were some managers in WWE who wanted to make, after the appearance of K-Fed, his wife Britney Spears could appear on a show.

“Obviously, K-Fed was looking for any kind of promotion they could get with their appearance. We are always looking for any kind of interaction that we can have with people who are popular at the moment,” said Bruce Prichard.

Bruce Prichard Said,

“Many company executives wanted to bring Britney Spears. We were good to Kevin and he liked to do everything that was suggested to him. It was a great opportunity for Britney to appear at an event, they even thought about what to involve her if she had confirmed her presence,