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  • WWE Raw features an odd-poor twist in the storyline running between The Fiend and Randy Orton.

Raw’s episode proved overwhelming. WWE started off with a good segment and proved to be tremendous.

WWE’s next PPV will be TLC. For this, there was a great buildup in RAW this week. The match for the WWE Championship is also decided in this PPV. Drew McIntyre will defend his championship against AJ Styles in this PPV. This match is going to be a blast in WWE TLC.

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley appeared as a guest on Chasing Glory, this time with Lillian Garcia. He talked about the WWE NXT run. As well as making a big statement about the match at WWE WrestleMania 36. Rhea Ripley competed with Charlotte Flair for the NXT Championship at WWE WrestleMania 36. He was defeated in this match. Riya Ripley said that she lost her temper after the defeat.

“There is no one like The Rock in WWE and they are great wrestlers”

Booker T is a big name in WWE. His storyline with The Rock was superb. In SummerSlam 2001, Booker T defended the WCW Championship against The Rock. At this time, The Rock and Booker team were burning. Booker T lost the match. While Shane McMahon was also at the corner with the Booker team. Then there was a fight between the Booker team and The Rock in Survivor Series too. In the recent Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T described his experience working with The Rock in WWE. Booker T praised The Rock fiercely and described him as a different wrestler.

This week’s episode of WWE Raw was good. The episode began with A Moment of Bliss Segment. WWE superstar Alexa Bliss called Randy Orton as a guest on his show. Alexa Bliss played her own role here and called Randy Orton her favorite wrestler.

Superstar China was the first Intercontinental Championship winner in WWE. It was two decades ago. But in just two years, China ended his career in WWE. He was given good chances by WWE but did not let it come to him.