In the WWE, Roman Reigns is now shown the heel, as Brock Lesnar was shown. The special thing is that Brock Lesnar used to have Paul Heyman and now Roman Reigns has joined Paul Heyman. Many wrestling experts have said that WWE has made a big mistake by making Roman Reigns a heel at this time because this decision should have been taken earlier. Now WWE has made many plans for the Roman Reigns, but all are being revealed one by one.

All of those fans know that Roman Reigns made a comeback at SummerSlam PPV. Within seven days, Roman Reigns piled The Fiend and Strowman in the Payback PPV and won the Universal Championship for the second time. After becoming Universal Champion, he defeated his brother Jay Uso twice in the Roman Reigns and won the Drew McIntyre in Survivor Series. According to reports, now Kevin Owens will be his next opponent followed by Daniel Bryan. That is, a hint has been found that till the Royal Rumble the Trouble Chief Roman Reigns has an opponent.

How WWE is making Roman Reigns a Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar had his own character, but now Roman Reigns is being given the exact same look. When Brock Lesnar first became Universal Champion, Braun Strowman, Samoa veteran Kane was brought into the storyline. In this episode, Brock Lesnar continued to win and his character continued to get stronger. Now the same way WWE is planning for Roman Reigns, with the first number coming from his brother Jay Uso, then McIntyre followed by Kevin Owens as well as Daniel Bryan.

Reports have surfaced that until WrestleMania, the WWE would lead Roman Reigns to a position like Brock Lesnar and then the biggest match on the grand stage would be Roman Reigns vs The Rock. If Roman Reigns is to play Brock Lesnar, WWE will have to be put into a strong and quick-to-finish match just like him. Well, now let’s see what happens when Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens clash in SmackDown this week.