• The sixteen-time world champion will work on a new production as creator and narrator
  • WWE EVIL will be released on a date to be confirmed soon

Through a press release, Peacock has announced a new WWE production in which the sixteen-time world champion John Cena will be involved .

The programming of the NBCUniversal streaming service will be nurtured by a new original production under the creative direction of the leader of the “Cenation”. WWE EVIL will be a future series produced by the wrestling company. This new format will be responsible for performing, as entertainment, a “psychological exposure” within the minds of the greatest antagonists of WWE , as well as their impact within popular culture.

Peacock has touted this series as the first to be entirely created, produced and narrated by John Cena . The former world champion and executive producer expressed himself on social media about it: “For every good boy there must be a bad one, and WWE has some of the best villains and villains in entertainment history. I am excited to present those who surprised us, they scared and even made us cry. ” WWE EVIL does not have a release date, and it has not been confirmed if the production will reach the international version of WWE Network.

John Cena Had Hinted At His Return To WWE

Several hours ago, John Cena posted an image of the WWE logo on his official Instagram account  . Despite the fact that at first the possibility of a return to the company was reported, the ambiguity in his handling of Instagram would give us to understand that he was actually referring to the announcement of this series. Recall that Cena’s last appearance at the company’s core shows occurred on the way to WrestleMania 36 ahead of his Firefly FunHouse match against Bray Wyatt.