• Chelsea Green aims to repeat Cody Rhodes’ footsteps on the indie scene.
  • He reveals his intention to work for Playboy in the short-term future.

Chelsea Anne Green, known to the professional wrestling world as Chelsea Green , was on WWE’s layoff list in April. He is still complying with the non-compete clause, although that does not prevent him from revealing his future projects.

Recently, she was interviewed on the Metro portal, where she revealed her intention to follow in the footsteps of Cody , who was released from WWE in 2016, became strong on the independent scene, and returned in style with the creation of All Elite Wrestling.

“I think it was great of him to go out and fight people that he would never have been able to fight,” Green stated of the steps Cody Rhodes took after his departure from WWE. “That is what I really want to do,” he added, while noting that IMPACT Wrestling, AEW and Ring of Honor are on his list of possible desired destinations. ”

“I have a list of things I want to do … I definitely want to get killed in a horror movie, ” Green continued. “I always wanted that, I always found it very funny to see the girl running, trip and fall, and then they kill her. That’s how it works! So I want to be that girl,” he commented. In addition, he revealed his intention to work for Playboy . “Right now, I’m trying to work on networking at Playboy to hopefully do that.”