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Lewis Hamilton recently equaled one of the best records set by Michael Schumacher by securing his 7th world championship title. Unfortunately, as one might have desired, Schumacher wasn’t on there on the circuit to watch his Mercedes successor match him; the German is still at home, fighting his own battle.

Jean Todt, a regular visitor of this German racer, opened which Schumacher” is combating and we could only wish him and his family that matters enhance .”

The former Ferrari CEO also ensured that through this demanding time, Schumacher is”very well surrounded and comfortably installed.”

Schumacher suffered severe head injuries during an accident while skiing back in 2013. Though he had been in a medically induced coma for a while, his family later confirmed that the racing legend woke up from his sleep.

Since Schumacher was shifted back to his house in Germany, his relatives have retained their announcements regarding the former world champion into the minimum. His family cleared they will not give the media the green flag to see him.

But a small group of individuals, such as Jean Todt and Felipe Massa, are welcome to meet Schumacher.

Todt expecting Michael Schumacher Jr to debut his F1 career by 2021:

Michael Schumacher Jr with his dad F1 car

The fans will have definitely overlooked the existence of Michael Schumacher around the F1 paddock through the years. Worry no more. If not Michael, at the name Schumacher could be on the F1 grid by next season.

Mick Schumacher, son of Michael, is expected to make his debut in Formula 1 with the Ferrari-powered Haas F1 team. Jean Todt, too, felt that Mick could be seen racing in the upper step of the Formula series by next year.

” He will likely race in Formula 1 next year,” he said. “

We are thrilled to have a Schumacher at the maximum level of motor racing again.”There’s still a task in hand for Mick to achieve before focusing on his dream entrance into F1. In the present time at F2, Mick is well clear of the other in the drivers’ standings.

Together with the healthy lead in hand, Schumacher Jr only wants to keep his cool and also bring his car home safely over the double-header weekends in Bahrain. Hence, can Mick end his 2020 F2 season in a boom and enter the world of F1 with a championship trophy ahead?