IPL 2020
IPL 2020

Players who are going to participate in the IPL 2020 in UAE will undergo 4 Covid-19 tests in the 14 days of quarantine. During their 14 days of quarantine, They have to do at least 4 Covid-19 tests. All the players who are going UAE for IPL 2020 will be in Quarantine of 14 days before the starting of the IPL 2020.

IPL 2020 – Players will have to Undergo 4 COVID-19 tests in 14 days of Quarantine and other Covid-19 protocols

All the Cricketers who are participating in IPL 2020 in UAE will likely to undergo mandatory 4 Covid-19 Tests during their 14 days of Quarantine. Cricketers who are participating in the IPL 2020 will be in the quarantine of 14 days before the start of the IPL 2020.

This will also apply to all the Supporting staff, Management, Broadcasters, & Stakeholders who are going to UAE as a part of IPL 2020. All the supporting staff, Managements, Broadcasters, & Stakeholders will also be part of the 4 Covid-19 Tests as well as for 14 days of Quarantine. They too have to quarantine themselves for 14 days.

The BCCI is planning to create a Bio-Bubble just like England VS West-Indies Test Series. The Players of the Test Series that happened between England VS West-Indies had followed some health protocols during the matches in the Series. Cricketers who are going to participate in IPL 2020 have to follow these protocols too.

Here are the Few Health Protocols That are likely to be followed during IPL 2020 Matches.

  1. Franchises will have to organize chartered flights to their Players.
  2. Minimum Number of players to be allowed in the Dressing Room.
  3. Wives & Wags will Not Be allowed to stay in the same hotel.
  4. All the team will be kept in one or two hotels.
  5. Players will be strictly not allowed to venture out in the open.
  6. No one will be allowed to breach the bubble.

These are the few protocols that players have to follow during the IPL 2020. they have to follow these health protocols strictly. these are the protocols for the safety of the players from Covid-19. Fans will also be not permitted in the starting stage of the tournament of IPL 2020 but depending on the coronavirus situation, they may be allowed if the situation will be normal.