Asked about the Australian strategy of targeting from short bowling, the batsman said that I am very happy that he has made a strategy against me.

Indian batsman Shreyas Iyer was sent to the pavilion by Josh Hazlewood in the first ODI match of Australia tour, while in the second match, he batted better, scoring 38 runs in 36 balls. Asked about the Australian strategy of aiming for short bowling, the batsman said on the eve of the final ODI, “I am very happy that he has made a strategy against me.”

He said, ‘I feel overwhelmed and take it as a challenge. But I do well under pressure and it will motivate me to do better against them. I think it can be taken advantage of (short leg and leg lane) and more runs can be scored. ‘

India’s number four batsman Iyer said that facing the short bowling is related to a slight change in mentality and batting at the net. He said, ‘This is related to your mindset, which needs a little change. How do you stand on a wicket? (During the stance) instead of bending too much, you have to stand upright. In such a situation it becomes easy to play short ball. ‘

Iyer said, ‘I have set this pattern for myself. Whenever I play, I give myself some time and set my feet at the crease. If they bowl with that fielding (for short ball) then I also adopt an aggressive attitude. ‘

Iyer agrees that he was dismissed due to confusion in playing the shot against Josh Hazlewood in the first match. He said, ‘I knew he was going to bowl short ball. There were two things going on in my mind, I was thinking about doing bridge and also playing upper cut. I got stuck between two thoughts and couldn’t play the shot. ‘

Iyer also spoke on the challenge of reconciling different pitches such that the pitch had less bounce during the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the UAE, while Australia has more bounce.

The batsman said that there was a problem that the nature of the training wicket at Blacktown International Park was different from the wicket at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

He said, ‘The wickets received for practice were different (in terms of bounce) than the wickets of the match. It is taking time to reconcile, but this is a challenge. I am enjoying this challenge. ‘

Another problem is the bowling of the bowlers in the four-day ODI format in T20 according to 10 overs per innings. Iyer said, ‘It is very difficult to adapt from the format of 20 overs to the format of 50 overs. Bowlers also have to field 50 overs after bowling 10 overs. From their point of view it is not easy, but they will come back with a positive mindset, ‘

Iyer believes that the bowlers are facing difficulties because most of them had a lot of bowling burden during the IPL.

Asked if the white Kookaburra ball is also impacting the bowlers, he said, “Definitely.” If you look at the scores of both the matches, more than 300 (350) runs were scored. The bowlers are definitely having some problems with the ball.