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These days, there is nothing better than doing little harmless pranks to those who you know closely to talk about fun. Since everything is virtual and in covid, we can’t actually perform physical pranks like pulling the chair or duct taping the legs while your brother is asleep. We all need something to have fun, and virtual pranks are the safest as they involve no physical contact with the person involved. And while we are talking about this, let us tell you about ‘imessage generator’ while considering online pranks. 

iMessage Generator

Since pranks are not voluntary, it becomes the pranksters’ responsibility that the method and the impact of the prank should purely be fun and not hurtful (under any circumstances). Since not everyone involved in the prank seems to enjoy it, the consequences are for later, but ideas should never stop coming. And so to learn, let’s proceed further with this article on the iphone conversation generator. 

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iMessage Generator | 21 Working Fake Text Message Generators

Spoofbox – Fake iMessage Generator

Now, how fun it would be to present to someone something which they have not done. For instance, to show your friend the messages to their crush they never sent but always want to. Do understand that feelings are important, and while you have your fun, leave them some space to breathe until you come out to them that it was just a prank.

fake iMessage Generator - Spoof Box

With this fake text message generator, it would become absolutely impossible for anyone to distinguish between a real conversation or a fake one. You can also include photos, screenshots, audio clips, display profiles to make it more realistic. Besides, there are options that let you set the exact time stamps, date, online status, and even blue ticks. 

iOS Foxsash

There isn’t any limit to what fun one can bring into the online pranks using Ios Foxsash. So, all you can do is edit your chats along with many other features. You can change the color of your chat using ios foxsash and change the timestamps. You can also set the typing stamp at the top. Setting this app is effortless once you install it.

iOS Foxsash

You just have to go to your iphone settings and then set all the settings like date, type, time, and even the picture. Everything with ios foxsash is easy and doesn’t require much setup once you get comfortable with innovating conversations with fun elements. 

iPhone SMS Generator

iPhone users get a lot of text feasibility because it’s not just WhatsApp like android users. SMS apps are not that effective or popular on android, but it’s one of the most used features for iPhone users. So, creating credibility of fun over messages is something genuine and likely to get attention.

So, with an iphone SMS generator, it becomes elementary to manipulate texts in a funny way to prank someone. Set the time, date, active status, and other options like typing or online You can also put in photos or other media to make it look overly realistic so that no one can come about the fakeness of the texts promptly. 

Ifaketext – Free Fake iMessage Generator

This is an online tool so can be accessed through devices. Since it’s online, you get a mockup that is pretty unique and original. Since there are many features that come along with this online tool – fake text, it becomes prevalent when it comes to pranking of fake texts. Moreover, let’s discuss what we can accomplish.

ifaketext - free iMessage Generator

It is a straightforward interface that lets you type the name of the sender and receiver with color. And, you can also set the battery percentage along with the sim operator details and network signals. You can customize all of the details that one gets to see on an iPhone’s top screen. When everything is clear and done, you can easily obtain it as an image to prank with your friends.

iPhoneFaketext – Best Fake iPhone Text Generator

There are many options available to create fake online texts, and iPhoneFaketext is one of the many popular ones. With iPhoneFaketext, you can create a prank message within minutes. Do all that you can with the options available to manipulate the settings. You can adjust the date, settings, time, and battery, and percentage. It creates lifelike images when you are done with the text editing. Type all that you think is necessary for your fun, and make sure that your fun doesn’t hurt someone emotionally or mentally. With these pranks, it is easy to fall victim too, when you have nothing to prove. Also, refrain from doing these pranks with your students or teachers if you have any. 

Yazzy (Bonus for Android Users)

Yazzy is yet another application that enables you to create fake messages but this one is for Android users. You can show anyone you want to create a conversation with. And not just for WhatsApp or messages, you can, in fact, create such fake messages for apps like hangouts, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others for the same effect. 

Texting Story Chat Maker

Well, we do understand that the intention behind using a fake iMessage generator is not just to make fun of your friends. It can be more than just a pastime. For example, if you have to create a storyline using a fake text generator, whatever the purpose might be. Like when you want it for a youtube video or for an explainer video or even a meme story.


Texting story chat maker for iOS

However, you can easily do all of this to do it all on texting story chat maker. Besides, it is also available on the google play store. Moreover, you can also create a moving video with this app of the same texting story that you have mode. It is a colorful and fun app to play with. 


I like apps that give the feature to add videos in the fake conversation and Fakenger is one such app that helps you to create ultra-realistic fake text screens. Once your fake text is ready with conversations from both sides, you can opt to download or save that image which will be saved in the form of a screenshot. 


If you want to create a fake text for making your crew go crazy over looking at it, you can do that on the fake iPhone text app. You can create fake texts in a matter of seconds. Besides one can type messages from both parties to get exactly what you want to appear in the conversation. You can edit the texts and put the activity status as online, typing, last seen, etc. 


iFakemessage is another option. You can try to create fake texts if you are looking for options. These apps are effortless to use, and so is ‘ifakemessage.’ This app will render a snapshot that no one would differentiate from a real text message. You can play around with different settings and make the screen look as you want it to. 


Fakeimess is a beautiful option again when it comes to creating fake and fun texts to have fun with your friends. While creating these fake texts, one must keep in mind that it is okay to have fun, but it should not harm anyone’s reputation or feelings in doing so. After some time, you must let them know that it was just some fun deed and not a very serious thing to get upset about. 

iMessage Fake Chat

iOS8text (iMessage Generator for iOS8)

If you want to prank a family member or a friend, ios8text is a very cool tool to turn to. Creating fake messages with this app is straightforward. All the options necessary to create a life-like image of a fake text are available in an easy-to-use interface. Even if you are visiting this for the first time, even then, you can create a real-looking screenshot of a fake message easily, within minutes.

Do not forget to manipulate all the necessary detail; otherwise, you can be caught just like that. Change all the taskbar menus like network speed, or battery percentage, etc. 

Meme Imessage

Memeimessage is a handy tool when it comes to creating fake texts for the iphone. When you do not have an iphone and still want to create a virtual fake scenario, this is a very nice tool. So, now with this memeimessage, you can do all that and so making it look exactly like it would in any iphone. The blue option lets you create a message with grey colors, and then you can copy and paste different things that you want to include in your prank. So, in a way, we can easily say that memeimessage is the best fake iphone text generator available online. 

Text MemeText Meme

With text-meme, you can create fun fake texts for both of your devices, be it iOS or Android. You can use it to create fake texts on phones as well as tablets. This ‘text meme’ comes in the form of an app, so you have to download and install it to be able to use it. 

Ios7 Text Generator | (iMessage Generator for iOS7)

As the name suggests, this is one of the iMessage generators, which is specifically designed to create fun and fake texts just for the screen type of iphone 7 or similar screens. Unlike most of the text message generator, iOS7 app as it lets you create everything which you want to so that it does not look like fake text. 


iFake Conversation

Ifakeconversation is a nice and easy-to-use interface tool that lets you create fake texts, which would be super fun to prank your mates with. You can do all types of pranks, including a conversation with their parents or crush.

People seem to lose it when they get risky with texts, and friends are anyone’s best targets to pull off these fun stereotypes with. Create fake texts with all possible manipulation of the elements on the screen, including battery and sim operator name, among other things. 

iPhone Text Clone

Create proper fake texts using an iphone text clone, without anyone getting the slightest hint that it is fake unless you tell them so. You can do all that your mind can imagine in a text to create a fake conversation to suit your fun.

Besides, with an iphone text clone, when you download the created fake texts, you will have absolutely no watermarks. It is a good way to create a fake text, and then it is also free. You can edit everything which is visible on the screen, including battery and network as well. 

text clone for iOS


Simitator is an all-rounder when it comes to creating any digital content, which also includes fake imessage. This is not any regular app but a whole package. With Simitator you can manipulate almost anything available on social media and the internet. Talk about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Twitter. Simitator is, in fact, the most popular fake text generator for Twitter, and nobody can tell the difference looking at the messages. You can input messages, even establish blue ticks, change display profiles, make fonts for Facebook, Twitter, other digital platforms like WhatsApp, etc. With Simitator you can also create fake status updates, posts, and pages. Along with all this, the best part is that you can also create fake group messages. 

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Text Message Creator | Fake Texting App

Creating fun and fake conversations is easier when you try to edit text message creators’ editing. Do you understand that with ‘text message creator,’ you can create absolutely realistic snapshots of texts? And that, too, would totally be under your control on both sides. Besides, you have all the power to control the date, time, and other relevant settings for your conversation to look realistic.

Koji Fake iMessage Chat

Any nice interface is always welcomed, however basic the task is. There are many apps available on the internet which can do the same stuff for you. But when you do the same on Koji, everything becomes so user-friendly and creative.

Koji FOR Fake iMessage Chat

Do not think that Koji is something complex because just as you click on the tool, it opens up with a pretty basic layout that is visually appealing. Everything is neatly organized and systematic to suit your creativity to create a fake virtual conversation for your fun or others. 

Fake Chat Maker

How fun would it be to create an amazing profile, which is all fake, and then show it to all your friends? The best part about this fakechatmaker is that it is available in dark mode. Besides, all there is to this app comes with more features like adding videos to your conversations. Moreover, with Fakechatmaker, you can also add video status.

Keep a fake record of all the call logs and take a screenshot of a call if you need that for your prank or whatever purpose. But just make sure that fun has its own limits and should never be used for something evil or bad because these things can be proved guilty in a court of law. 

Closure | iMessage Generator

How do you like our comprehensive list on iMessage Generator? We hope that now you have a full-on bundle. From which, you can choose your best companion to create a fake conversation.

Keep in kind to be good but funny, and reveal it at the end to those concerned. We already feel it amusing to imagine how each of you might come up with different innovative chat stories to bring about the fun. If you have any queries or confusion, you can share with us using the comment section below.