Text Mail Subscriber | How Are They Scamming YOU? (Explained)


What was the last time when you received a call from an unknown number, and when you tried to call back, you hear a voice from the other side of the line that says, “the textmail subscriber is not available.” Or sometimes, you do not hear anything at all.  What does that portray? Have you ever thought about what exactly this is? Is this spam or a fake call? Or something even more suspicious? 

Textmail Subscriber

Let’s take a deeper dive into this concept of Text Mail Subscriber. Someone who makes phone calls through the medium of the internet can be termed a Text Mail Subscriber.

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Text Mail Subscriber | Guide 2020 

In order to subscribe to the Text Mail service, you do not need to press any red button; instead, all you have to do is, reach your service provider. Give them your basic details like the date and time from when you want the number to be given to you until it shows unavailable or unknown. In case you are sent a text mail, you are provided with the provision to find out who it was, by the assistance of Google.

However, it is strongly advised not to bother about the unknown calls; just treat those as spam or directly block them. Still, if you cannot abstain from getting indulged in it and desperately want to know about it, you can definitely go for it. But you may have to pay, respectively.

Textmails – Scams or Myths?

In a lot of instances, Text mails have been turned out to be scams. But this is not the case all the time. A lot of consumers have drowned in the sea of this misconception that text mails are all scams. Being a responsible consumer, whatsoever you believe, must be backed by adequate research and proof. 

Even in this case, you must initiate research on the respective number from where you are getting those text mails. In the next step, you will be provided with several tips on how you can ensure whether the text mails you are receiving are legit or not.

How to Track a Text Mail Subscriber?

Gone are those days when the privilege of tracking someone was confined only to various Intelligence agencies. Today, every consumer has the right and the advantage to track the source from which he is receiving those Text Mails. 

How to Track a Text Mail Subscriber?

Tracking the Text Mail means ultimately you have to track the Text Mail Subscriber. To do so, there are various easy as well as efficient methods. Those methods are stated below:-

The easiest of all, Search Engines. Be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, you may easily get your desired information from these platforms.

With the help of various apps. There are several apps, such as Truecaller. Such applications carry millions of numbers in their database. If the number that had texted you also stays in their database, you may easily get the required information.

Have you ever heard of the term, Reverse Phone Lookup before? Well, this method can also be helpful to you, but success is not ensured here. The reason behind this is the method of working. The chances of your success actually depend upon how the person you are looking for uses his number. In clear words, the success depends on whether he is making the use of his number for public or for registration for some public available services.

Here is the most ideal way to reach the subscriber. You can simply text him to reveal his identity before you. At last, here is the most powerful method, in case all the tips mentioned above do not lead you to the desired results. Take the assistance of the court, get the formal order issued to make him reveal his identity. You may say this is a kind of threatening, but apparently, this is what he deserves. 

Text Mail Subscriber Voicemail | The Con?

By now, you would have already predicted what this term stands for. Not so different from the previous one. Text Mail Subscriber VoiceMail refers to a service that provides you with the authority to go through the mails sent to them in simple plain text.

As you know, you are not allowed to call back the text mail server or subscriber or even can not get calls from the same; you can not just reach their place, right? The only option you are left with is you can just leave a voicemail behind. As soon as you are finished recording your voice, your message will automatically generate an email, of course, in plain text, and very soon, it will be notified to the subscriber or the user you wanted to reach.

But, here comes the question, where on earth can you find an application that says, “The Text Mail Subscriber you want to reach is unavailable?”

To answer this, several internet phone services have developed such apps, which will help you get you a real phone number. You may also begin with texting or even calling somebody, that too absolutely free.

Here comes the most awaited feature. Since there would be several calls that you will try to reach but will not be able to, you will receive the voicemails that are going to say, “The Text Mail Subscriber you are trying to reach is currently unavailable.

As mentioned earlier, several apps provide you with such features, though the most recommended and popularly used ones are – Google Voice and Text Now.

How To Identify Whether It Is A Scam Or Not?

It is always better to take up the charge to identify the threats and hoax in your day-to-day life. As mentioned earlier, Text Mails also have a high chance of coming from a scammer. Given below are one of the best and most helpful tips which can help you to recognize which one is a genuine Text Mail and which one is phony:- 

Check Spelling Errors

When some big name or any renowned organization sends any text mail to their consumers, they make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

When there is money involved?

The moment you find any sort of cheesy or flattery mails which want you to get indulged into some economic affairs, you ought to be very sensible and wise. No reputed organization would ever spoil its name by carrying out such illegitimate activities.

Check the phone number.

You have to make sure that the phone number being reached to you is valid.

Closure | Text Mail Subscriber

In a nutshell, the Text Mailing is a good way for organizations to reach out to their customers through various schemes and additional features.

However, like everything else in the internet world, people have to be a bit more careful and double-check each step they follow to prevent any sort of complications later. 

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