I Am Not Okay with This, an American comedy drama television series was based on the comic book by Charles Forsman. Equally, series have received positive review and praise for performance specially from Lillis and Oleff. As a result of corona outbreak, and after getting positive vibe, even season of the series have cancelled.

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Earlier this year, fans were not happy after the cancellation of I Am Not Okay with This. Jonathan Entwistle, the showrunner and cocreator of the series recently spoke with Insider about the shifting landscape at Netflix. Although planning for the second season, he shed light on the reason for cancellation of shows.

After the first season of I am Not Okay with This, Entwistle said the show’s viewrship was strong on day one.  “We just continued on the same path and it wasn’t super easy” , said Entwistle. Fans were aware early on, pre-pandemic, about the changes on directions.

I am Not Okay with This, plotted the story of an teenage girl Syd Novak, dealing with anger issue that comes out as telekinetic powers. Beside, several comic narrative arcs, the series also have several differences.

In season two, Sydney needs to find a way to get someone to handle her emotions.

The Cast Of  I Am Not Okay With This Season 2

  • Sophia Lillis as Sydney
  • Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Barber
  • Sofia Bryant as Dina
  • Kathleen Rose Perkins as Maggie
  • Aidan Wojtak Hissong as Liam

The Plot Of  I Am Not Okay With This Season 2

26th February, 2020, the series was premiered on Netflix. Furthermore the renovation of series was done by Netflix, for second season. Hence due to COVID related circumstances, Netflix cancelled the series after one season on August 21, 2020.