Yahoo used to be a big deal around the early 2000s but has since played second fiddle to Google. Once upon a time, it was used for numerous social and even financial activities and was the top search engine worth $125 billion – a significant figure compared to today’s $40 billion valuations. That said, the search engine is still prevalent in some Asian countries, while it is also one of the most popular search engine brands in one particular niche – fantasy sports, and its dominance in this niche is global.

Fantasy sports became popular long before the internet when sports fans sent their teams via postal services or registered at betting shops in countries where retail bookies were available. Then came the internet, and it seems Yahoo has become the chosen search engine for millions of sports fans who use yahoo daily fantasy (DFS); read about it here as their go-to source thanks to its ease of use and appeal to both casual and series DFS fans.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports App Brings in Casual Spots Fans Audience

Millions now leverage the Yahoo app for fantasy football while ignoring its other uses, such as its search engine. This is because of the ease Yahoo has made fantasy sports, and many people will consider it an inconvenience to use any other brand or app.

Playing fantasy sports was challenging before it went online because of the sheer level of calculation required by the hobby. You had to buy newspapers and thoroughly go through each to manually score a fantasy game and spot trends for your next fantasy sports escapade. This level of difficulty meant fantasy sports only appealed to hardcore sports fans.

Inevitably it meant fantasy sports companies were losing out on a vast target market. Namely, those casual spots fan not interested in digging deep into the stats of their favorite sports. All they want is something simple, easy to use, and quick facts and figures at their fingertips to help them with the internet.

Yahoo spotted this gap in the market and reacted by adding simple features for casual players and complex features for serious DFS fans, such as playoff fantasy football rankings, player stats, manage/coach stats, NBA facts and figures, and the same information for other popular sports.

Targeting niche markets like DFS and others is something the company has been doing in other niche markets, too, in order to find a way to fight back against its fierce rival Google, to which it has fallen behind to a point where clawing back lost market share would take a miracle – like Elon Musk agreeing to reshape the company – something that is highly unlikely to happen.

How Yahoo Entered the Fantasy Sports Market

Even after other forms of gambling, such as casinos, lotteries, and various slot machines, were legalized across the US, betting on sports games remained in the shadows. That means it wasn’t popular among sports fans or gamblers.

However, Yahoo, on its part, brought betting on sports to the limelight with its appealing fantasy football prowess; it is becoming one of the best apps for entertainment in the DFS sphere. The company announced that it would host one-week fantasy sports games where players would play for money. The fantasy sports industry started experiencing a massive turn-up from sports fans.

Advertisements show that thousands of dollars can be won via various popular DFS websites, with many of these prizes coming from popular sports betting brands. However, this was made possible with the timely intervention of Yahoo.

With time, Yahoo moved further to enable players to bet against a single opponent and get quick results. With the fast results, players could experience the adrenaline rush and financial stakes experienced with traditional sports betting.

How Yahoo Fantasy Football Lives

Yahoo fantasy football is still alive because of how popular fantasy sports have become. The NFL is very popular, with an average game raking 17 million viewers. Fans stay interested in the game because of fantasy, with about 46 million people playing fantasy football. Many of these sports fans can be categorized as modern gamers or cyber e-sportsmen, and Yahoo’s DFS will appeal to many people from the group.

Yahoo’s fantasy football has over 7 million users, as reported by Fox Business in 2019. Although no Yahoo representative could share the exact number of emails the company received from fantasy users, the platform’s popularity is clear thanks to its ease of use. The platform teaches DFS players making interactive lessons that show newbies how to lay fantasy sports.

You must know that there is a difference between the daily fantasy, an online competition for gamblers, and Yahoo’s general fantasy offering. Yahoo also does daily fantasy but on a small scale.

Both Yahoo and fantasy sports have made one another relevant. Making fantasy sports easy for players is a huge benefit. People can sign back with Yahoo auto-renewals for leagues. Players also prefer yahoo because of the numerous benefits enjoyed on the platform.

Both the Yahoo website and app are responsive enough to make people conveniently navigate when playing fantasy sports. The real-time updates every Sunday that Yahoo offers millions of people is another remarkable feature.

The Importance of History in Fantasy Sports

Historical data is one great thing people will lose when they move away from Yahoo. You can look through the history of your league using some easy-to-use tools provided by Yahoo. You’ll see the number of times you lost and how your performance is being rated. And if you’ve been playing a league for some years, you wouldn’t want to lose that history. Only Yahoo can offer you that feature.

It is important to keep such historical records, especially when the league is played with friends. It creates amazing memories that you can fall back on later for reference. It also gives you bragging rights on your accomplishments in fantasy sports over the year.

Rounding up Yahoo’s push into DFS

Yahoo has upgraded fantasy sports just as the game is still making the company relevant. There are a couple of new things Yahoo tried to add. It added daily fantasy and already has a feature that allows you to watch fantasy sports with your friends. You can also stream NFL games, while if you look around, you can also play DFS on Premier League football, MLS, and other sports.

Fantasy sports is one of the features of Yahoo that is still very popular and, if not the only thing making it still relevant. With the new features also introduced by the company to make fantasy sports easier, the company will remain relevant for a long time. DFS sites come with bonus deals to get you started and refer a friend offers so you can create leagues with friends and challenge each other while also joining leagues with thousands of players, which come with substantial prize pools.

Another fact is that the players on their parts are not ready to give another platform a trial yet. Maybe because Yahoo is still providing all they need to enjoy the game at the moment, they will also need to start all over again if they’re to migrate to another platform can be scary.