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Healthy and beautiful hair is the result of comprehensive care. When shampoo and balm are not enough for the health of curls, a beneficial solution will be a hair treatment at home. Such products have a rich formula and contain a large number of useful ingredients. With the help of hair masks, you will heal and improve the condition of your hair, making it more obedient and well-groomed!

Which mask to choose for dry, naughty curls?

Dry hair looks lifeless and dull: it lacks a healthy shine, and the ends often split. External factors (improper home care, dry air in the apartment/office) and natural predisposition lead to this result. If you want to restore vitality to strands, use moisturizing, nourishing, smoothing, and other mask options. For dry and unruly hair, products with hyaluronic acid in the composition are best suited. Such a component perfectly retains moisture and prevents the curls from drying out.

How to save damaged/colored hair?

During the dyeing process, the components of the dye open the scales of your hair to saturate them with pigment. Gradually, the pigment is washed out, and the strands become more rigid and brittle. Also, a significant part of the damage is caused by hot styling: the use of a hair dryer, ironing, curling irons, etc. As a result, the hair looks damaged.

If you want to return smoothness and shine to curls, you need to use a special damaged hair mask, ideally suited for:

  • moisturizing;
  • smoothing;
  • revival (with damaged length).

It is best to use products for the revival, nutrition, and protection of hair with proteins in the composition. They will not only improve the condition of the curls but will also help fix the color pigment in the hair structure, improving the state of hair in just one application.

Get rid of oily hair using domestic treatment.

If you notice a lack of volume and rapid contamination of the strands, give up masks that additionally make your hair heavier, depriving them of volume and splendor. Use light care products: if you suffer from hair oiliness, the length of the hair may remain dry and need additional care.

The main advice – apply the hair mask only to the lower half of the hair, the tips. When choosing a product, be guided by the condition of these zones, and do not use the caring product to the roots. Thanks to this, your hair will be shiny, smooth, and soft without the effect of heaviness.

Rules of using hair masks at home

To achieve the optimal effect, follow the basic principles of using hair masks:

  1. Apply the product at least once a week to get a noticeable result.
  2. Balms and masks cannot replace each other. The first act on the hair from the outside, condition (1-2 minutes is enough). Masks actively affect the internal structure of curls (keep them on your hair for at least 5-10 minutes).
  3. Apply the hair treatment only on curls squeezed out of excess moisture.
  4. When applying a care product, pay special attention to problem areas.
  5. To get the maximum effect – after applying the damaged hair mask, put on a shower cap and warm your hair with a towel.

Hair products with an active formula help solve many problems: from dry curls to brittleness and lack of shine. Properly selected masks will make your hair viable, shiny, and silky even at home!