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italki is a reputable online platform that connects language learners with qualified tutors, including German tutors. Here are some key features of italki’s German tutoring service. A wide range of tutors offers a large selection of German tutors to choose from, including native speakers and qualified professionals. You can browse through tutor profiles, read reviews from previous students, and choose the tutor that best fits your needs.

  • Flexible scheduling: italki’s German tutors offer flexible scheduling options, so you can book lessons at times that work best for your schedule.
  • Personalized lessons: italki’s German tutors can tailor lessons to your specific needs and goals, whether you want to focus on grammar, conversation, or vocabulary. You can communicate with your tutor before and after lessons to discuss your progress and receive feedback.
  • Affordable pricing: italki offers competitive pricing for its German tutor online services. You can choose from different levels of tutors and lesson lengths to find an option that fits your budget.
  • Additional resources: In addition to one-on-one lessons, italki offers a variety of resources to help you learn German, such as language exchange partners, community forums, and language learning resources.

Learning German with italki is a great way to improve your language skills with the help of a native-speaker tutor. Here are some steps you can take to make the most out of your italki learning experience:

  1. Sign up and create an account: First, sign up for an italki German tutor online account and create your profile. You can select your language level and your goals for learning German.
  2. Find a tutor: italki offers a huge range of German tutors to choose from. You can browse through their profiles and read reviews from previous students to find the right tutor for you.
  3. Schedule a lesson: Once you have found a tutor you like, schedule a lesson at a time that works for you. italki offers flexible scheduling options, so you can fit lessons into your busy schedule.
  4. Prepare for the lesson: Before your lesson, make sure you have any necessary materials, such as textbooks or worksheets. Review any previous lessons or topics you’ve covered with your tutor.
  5. Attend the lesson: During the lesson, communicate openly with your tutor and ask any questions you may have. Work through exercises and practice speaking and listening to the language.
  6. Review and practice: After the lesson, review the material you covered and practice what you learned. This will help you retain the information and improve your language skills.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6: Continue scheduling lessons and regularly practicing to improve your German language skills.


Learning German with italki can be a great way to improve your language skills with the help of a native-speaker tutor. With consistent practice and the support of a qualified tutor, you can make significant progress in a short amount of time. italki’s German tutoring service is an effective and convenient way to improve your language skills with the help of a qualified tutor. With a wide range of tutors, flexible scheduling, personalized lessons, and additional resources, italki can help you achieve your language learning goals.