The Operation Chrono event finally reached its heyday in Free Fire. This Saturday, December 19, is the time to enjoy the event more than ever, with a new game mode, several free gifts, and rewards, but more than anything, with the arrival of Chrono to the game.

The new character, physically based on Cristiano Ronaldo, Free Fire’s new ambassador for this event, is now available in-game. Starting tomorrow he will be in the store with the rest of the characters for several diamonds. However, just for today, you can get it in a special way.

And is that by recharging just 1 Diamond, you can enter the game’s events screen, and claim Chrono as your new character. Exactly, you only have to recharge a diamond to obtain it in the game, as explained by the signs that you will find when you start the application.

Chrono has a special ability that allows him to activate a force field. As long as the player and their allies are inside, damage taken is blocked (up to a certain amount) and movement speed is also increased.

Remember that you can also enjoy from today until December 25, the new game mode The Chosen One, which is among the highlights when starting a new game in Free Fire.