The Happy Holidays 2020 event will bring several rewards from Garena to players, including a points protection card that can be purchased by users through the “Christmas Tree” and “Frozen Bells” tokens, learn more.

When carrying out Christmas missions, players will earn the “Frozen Bells” token, with which each user can collect a unit of the Free Fire points protection card.

So far Garena has not revealed whether we will be able to have more units of this ranked card or not.

With the points protection card the player will not lose points in the ranked Free Fire, even if it is eliminated at the beginning of the game, there is also another card already known to the community that doubles the points in the qualifying mode.

The points or protection cards were launched during the month of October in 2019, this was a subject that has always divided players in relation to the benefits in the ranked Free Fire.

Stay tuned on our philsportsnews website, as soon as new information about the ranked cards is released we will be updating this post.


The missions with the Christmas tokens will start between December 22nd and 23rd, there are several rewards that can be collected with them: character, backpack skins, board, and more.