Welcoming a little one is one of the most precious moments in our lives. Nowadays, there are 4 million children born in the United Saints daily. Therefore, such a moment should be marched by a nursery that is just as precious as the little bundle of joy. Using stickable wallpaper as your nursery wallpaper is a move that will change the outlook of your nursery in a big way. The stickable wallpaper will also be the perfect option for meeting your decorating needs. If you are a soon-to-be parent it is never too late to start decorating your nursery. Decorating a nursery can be a wonderful activity for expectant mothers. This article will assist you in how to decorate your baby’s room with stickable wallpaper and later on emphasize the advantages of doing so. It is hard not to feel the pressure to perfectly decorate your nursery but this article is inundated with ways how to whimsically decorate your baby’s rooms.

How to use stickable wallpaper for the decoration of your nursery?

Before you start decorating your nursery with the wallpaper you need to choose the perfect stickable wallpaper. First of all, you need to choose the right color. Gone are the days when parents used to pick a pink color for girls and blue colors for boys. However, this should not discourage you from picking these colors if you are in love with them. If you want something less traditional you may want to opt for gender-neutral colors like brown. Secondly, mind the scale of the pattern you choose. Kindly do not follow what other people are choosing as their patterns Just be bold enough and choose what you like even if you will get criticized. In addition, there are a few tricks that may help you when choosing the pattern for your nursery. If the walls of your nursery are damaged you may opt to choose a pattern with a lot of repetition as it tends to hide the blemishes. If you want your ceiling to seem higher choose stripes and put them vertically. Turning the pattern to a right angle will make your nursery walls seem wider. For you to cover a large space you may Have to choose tighter patterns as they make your wall look busier.

Always remember to stay on your budget. You may find the perfect wallpaper but if you find it Iis outside your budget try avoiding it. Remember you can purchase a cheaper wallpaper and get creative with it and you will still have your dream wallpaper in the end. When choosing the right wallpaper to use for the decoration process, think about the rest of your home and the theme you want for your nursery.

Finally, after you purchase your dream stickable wallpaper this is how you will use it. First, prepare your walls. Sticker wallpaper will adhere perfectly to a clean wall therefore wipe the walls iff the dust. Measure the wall and translate the measurements into the wallpaper and then start cutting the wallpaper. The next step is to stick the wallpaper. You just have to peel the backing at one corner and as you continue installing the rest of the wallpaper you peel the rest of the backing slowly without forcing. Workaround the windows and outlets and finally check for air bubbles.

When choosing the nursery wallpaper the stickable wallpaper as the article earlier stated is the most preferable. This is because the wallpaper is self-adhesive and it does not require any activator to stick to the wall. Furthermore, the stickable wallpaper is very easy to use and anyone can install it. The fact that anyone can install it makes it affordable since you do not have to hire a professional to do the job for you.


From picking out the color to finally decorating your nursery wallpaper this article has narrowed down some of the essential steps and considerations you need to put into place when you are using stickable wallpaper to decorate your baby’s room. If you follow this article, you may be able to decorate a baby’s room that is gorgeous and practical. With this article, you do not have to turn your nursery into a massive swirling psychedelic mess to make it visually stimulating.