LLamas breed

From a mere small indie-game to a full-sized cultural phenomenon, Minecraft has been growing ever since its release and has been dominating the game industry for a decade. As it is available on various platforms including mobile phones, undoubtedly its one of the most accessible games,

In the procedurally generated world of Minecraft, the different varieties of life forms add to the exciting aspect of the game. Various animals can spawn in different regions and biomes of the world, and the player can choose to interact with them as well.

Llamas is considered one of the most useful animals a player can come across in Minecraft. A llama is a neutral animal mob that can be tamed and used to transport items in a carried chest. Unless provoked, they appear in a neutral state. Llamas spawn in small herds in mountain and savanna biomes and can be tamed like horses but cannot be controlled by players when they mount the Llama.

How to breed Llamas in Minecraft?

At first, the players will have to tame the llamas to breed them. Naturally they appear in neutral state but will attack the player by spitting on them. If the spit misses the player and hits another llama, it’ll cause the llamas to fight among themselves.

Taming a Llama:

In order to tame a llama easily, one needs to begin by doing the following steps:

  1. Begin by approaching a llama.
  2. Press the ‘Use Key’ to ride a llama.
  3. Repeatedly ride the llama until a ‘heart’ appears, which means the llama has been tamed.

However, The Temper stat plays the most crucial role in deciding if a llama can be tamed by a player.

Higher the Temper Stat, better are the chances for the player to tame a llama. However, if the Temper Stat is low, the player’s attempt to ride a llama will end in failure.

A saddle is not accepted by a llama, and the player would not be able to control its movement even if tamed. Thus, leads are the best way to make a llama follow you through the game world. Once a lead is attached to one of the llamas, the rest of the herd will follow. It is a good way to keep the llamas together.

Breeding a Llama:

First, we need to make sure to have two tamed llamas. By putting leads on them, they can be kept together.

Then, we can use a hay bale for them to start mating. If a hay bale is not available, the player can find nine pieces of wheat to be able to craft one block of hay.

Once the hay bale is shown to the llamas, soon we’ll notice hearts appearing between them, indicating that the baby llama is on its way. In a moment, the baby llama will start being visible near its parents. The appearance of one parent is taken up by the offspring randomly and its strength is a random integer between 1 and that of a stronger parent.