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Tipping waiters and waitresses, people behind a bar, or taxi drivers is something we all are familiar with. However, doing the exact same thing at a casino feels weird. Not everyone knows whether to tip someone or not and if so, how much to reward is a doubt almost everyone has in common.

To straighten things up, we have put together a tipping etiquette guide. If you have played enough at and wish to explore land-based casinos, you can find it really helpful.

Tipping in Casinos Around the World

The first and foremost tipping etiquette is to acknowledge that there is no such thing as universal tipping. While some land-based casinos accept it, others do not. Let’s find out about both types and learn how much to part with at gambling destinations.

Countries and their tipping rules are as mentioned below:


Like any other gambling venue in China, Macau casinos add a 10% service fee to the final bill. So, if you have enjoyed a brief stay at this gaming zone, relished the food, and are satisfied with the bar service, you need not feel the urge to tip. You are not obliged to do so, but if you wish, you can certainly go ahead. Even if you tip the dealers, you can stay within the threshold.

The UK and Europe

The UK society has witnessed the practice of gambling for a long time. However, tipping has always been illegal. This practice has recently changed, but very few punters engage in tipping dealers.

Western Europe is open to tipping in casinos, but punters are by no means obliged to do so. In countries like Netherlands and Germany, it is a more common practice, but there is no point in spending more than 5% as people are least bothered by that show-off attitude of punters.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean, hailed for its scenic beauty, azure sea, and golden beaches, has a thriving casino for gaming enthusiasts. Regardless of the casinos you visit, be it in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, or the Canary Islands. You must tip all staff members. Regarding the amount, it is entirely up to you to decide. Since the staff out there receive meager amounts as salaries, they would appreciate anything coming from you.

Australia and New Zealand

Tipping is highly criticized at casinos in Australia. As dealers and other casino professionals are paid handsomely, tipping is observed as bribery to draw favors. Therefore, the government and casino owners never encourage it.

On the contrary, the tipping rules at casinos in New Zealand are not pressing. Players may not be expected to tip dealers, but if they feel their services are incredible, they can willfully do so.


Monaco may be a part of Europe, but the culture is entirely different. The staff working at their gambling destinations are remunerated so well that visitors are encouraged not to save anything for tipping. Rather, they are persuaded to spend that extra cash while betting at the tables. So, enjoy yourself and never feel judged for not tipping.


The scene is a lot different at the casinos in the USA. If you are visiting the country and have gambling plans, it is better to carry extra cash for tipping. A word of advice is to keep notes of every denomination with yourself as you may have to tip the cocktail servers, the barmen, and whoever serves you well. Regarding the amount, you are totally at your discretion, except for dealers. Tipping a dealer must be anything within $5 and $30 from the amount you win.

Let’s shed more light on tipping casino attendants in the USA.

Tipping Etiquette in the USA Casinos

Tipping casino attendants start from the moment one arrives at the destination and ends till one departs. Find how much cash you must separately carry for casino tipping.

  • At the time of arrival. Just when you arrive at a brick-and-mortar casino, you may have to pay $1 or $2 to the valet for parking. They can save you from getting drenched or cold during rainy or cold nights, respectively.
  • Slot attendants. Tipping during betting on slots can be any amount between $20 and 3-10% of the jackpot you win. It can be made when an attendant fixes your slot machine or holds your machine while you are away using the restroom.
  • Table game dealer. A dealer is first an entertainer and then a dealer. The amount you are to spend on tipping depends entirely on how entertaining the person was throughout the betting session. After all, this person is neither a valet nor a waiter. Therefore, tipping is mostly about how much effort the person makes to keep that smile on a player’s face intact, even when the individual loses.
    Land-based casinos usually pay dealers a remuneration between $4.35 and $5.00 for every hour. The rest is up to the customers to make up. At least, that is what the casino operators expect.
  • Blackjack dealer. You can directly hand over some chips to the dealer or make a bet for the dealer. When betting on lower-limit tables, you could pay a few dollars after every game of blackjack. You can also hand over $5 chips when betting on higher-limit tables.
  • Roulette dealer. Tipping in roulette can be betting on behalf of the dealer or handing out 5% of your chips. The purpose is to seek favors like requesting the dealer to place 10 or 12 bets on your behalf or stacking chips for you.
  • Craps dealer. It’s common to hear, “$5 Yo for me and a dollar for the dealer.” it implies that if a player wins $75 from 11 rolls, the dealer will receive a tip of $15.
  • Baccarat dealer. Tipping during baccarat can be anything around 3 to 5% of the payout players win from a jackpot.
  • Carnival game dealer. By carnival games, we indicate Three Card Poker, Pai-Gow Poker, Mississippi Stud, and Ultimate Texas Hold ’em. Since the jackpots from such games are taxable, casinos never entertain betting for the dealer as that could imply filling out tax forms for them too! Before leaving the table, pay a dollar or five to reward the person for a pleasant service.
  • Cocktail servers. Drinks served at the USA casinos are either free or provided at a nominal charge. Regardless of your case, always tip a dollar or two for every drink served at your table. You may also tip more if their service impresses you.

Tipping at Online Casinos

Do you have to pay tips at online casinos? You would be relieved to hear that it’s illegal at some gambling destinations. On the contrary, others hardly expect it. However, you may tip your dealers during live casino games if you feel they are going the extra mile to make your time exceptional.

Tipping or Not, Begin Your Gambling Journey at Spin City!

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