House in a Hurry is a reality show where people have to buy the perfect home for themselves in just 72 hours! House hunting is one of the most difficult things in the world. The windows, doors, quality of the walls, backyard to the sunlight and exposure to fresh air is so important. It takes days, months and sometimes even years when it comes to finding a house.

What makes it even more interesting is that people have to find their house in an unfamiliar city. They get very little to no help from realtors as they won’t be meeting them priorly. The season will start with the former pro cheerleader and her husband rehousing to the mainland. The challenge here is finding budget-friendly yet a dream house at the same time.

Release Date 

The Season 2 of House In A Hurry is premiering on January 4, 2021. So the wait is over.


This is a reality series has a cast ranging from newly weds to middle-aged couples. There are also realtor agents in the show according to the locations.

Where Can You Watch The Series?

The series is available on HGTV digital platform. On HGTV Pro the series is available on the same day.

This series simulates my adulting hormones for real. Watching them fight against time to get the best of best in an unknown place to start fresh sends an adrenaline rush. The show gives quite a few tips for people who want to buy a house. If you think you are in that zone, you should definitely watch it.