Sherlock, British television series available on Netflix is based on famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, since many decades many books, television series and also movie came based on Sherlock Holmes but this series of Netflix got more famous for its extraordinary screenplay and my God performance of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes was mesmerizing.

British television series Sherlock available on Netflix is one among most watched series on Netflix, and also it got several awards in various categories mainly it won hearts of all Netflix users, it is believed many subscribed Netflix just to watch this series.

Will next season of Sherlock will come

There is not particular news or announcement about new season of this series , but there are very few changes of the next series, it has already been a decade since last season released on Netflix, till date there are no news about its new season. Any news about this series will be a big treat to its fans, when all its 4 season released in Netflix on 2010 all the record were broken and lots of awards came running to the series , ever season has very less episodes but marvelous content, so we should wait for latest news either from crew or Netflix.

Will Benedict Cumberbatch continue as Holmes in new episode.

This is hot topic on internet. We can Benedict Cumberbatch was the main reason for the success of this series, his extraordinary acting skills made this show the best among the category, but now Benedict Cumberbatch is in contract with marvel studios for his superhero role Doctor Strange, so its has become an hot topic whether he will still be Holmes if new season come, and also this might be the main reason for the delay of 5th season of Sherlock.

When will Sherlock season 5 release

Till now there are no official news about this, as we already discussed the reason for delay of new season we cant expect release of the 5th season soon, but some latest news argue that we can see Sherlock season 5 in late 2022 or early 2023, but all these news are hypothetical no proofs supports these news.

However fans need to wait for years to experience the magic again.