A slew of anime novelties have surfaced this year, and the God of Destruction at the next desk is a project that has garnered a lot of audience attention. Will there be a sequel to the popular anime? Unofficial sources report that the release date of season 2 of the anime “God of Destruction at the Next Desk” is scheduled for the summer of 2021.

A long time ago, the God of destruction named Miguel was sealed in the knight Sturmhurt, who ruled the whole world with light and darkness. He accompanied the knight in numerous battles of Gesteber. Today, they reincarnated as classmates of Kabuto Hanadori, as well as Seri Koyuki. Reuniting them will be a joyous event, but the point is, these heroes are only Kabuto’s delusions.

Often, many people try to suppress emotions due to shame, guilt, judgment, religious beliefs. Repressed aggression becomes a shadow or emotion and knowledge that people are reluctant to acknowledge. A person tries not to notice this shadow. He begins to project into the world what he does not want to notice inside himself. Often in other people it is annoying exactly what a person does not want to admit in himself. People always idealize themselves and do not recognize in themselves unacceptable qualities. But they see them in others, and it’s annoying.

Seri observes people who annoy him, and will understand why they behave the way they do, what are the internal reasons for this. He looks at the world through the eyes of these people. Perhaps Seri will discover something that allows her not to be annoyed and not angry with these people. The hero’s observation of his friends, communication with them will allow Seri to understand himself and change his life.

Seri, as the fictional Gestober, finds himself in an awkward position due to Kabuto’s antics. They sometimes become out of control. In addition, Seri’s classmate Utsugi Tsukimiya gets involved in the fight, being able to read Seri’s minds and destroy Seri’s privacy. Seri himself seeks to stay away from his classmates, but the unpredictability of Kabuto and Utsugi’s actions threatens to sweep Seri away with their madness.

Seri Koyuki stands out among the main characters of the anime. He’s a high school student with a desire for a normal life, but the weirdo Kabuto constantly pulls Seri into his own fantasy world. He is convinced that the Ice Priest Blizzard is Seri.

Kabuto Hanadori is considered an eccentric, as he fancies himself Michael Dunkelhalt – the god of destruction. He wears an eye patch, considering it a seal that holds back the dark forces. There is another entity in it – the knight Strumhai.

Also, shy high school student Hibiki Kimiya. He considers himself a dark reaper named Helios and always supports Kabuto. Kimiya brings misfortune to everyone and constantly apologizes for it.

God of Destruction Next Desk Season 2 Release Date

An anime based on the corresponding manga was announced in the monthly Comic Gene. The first season of the anime includes 12 episodes and is designed for an audience of 13 years and older. The release date of season 2 “God of Destruction at the Next Desk” is scheduled for June 2021.