Giancarlo Esposito, the actor who plays Fring, has come up with an idea for a new spinoff series based on the Breaking Bad universe and Better Call Saul.

The founder of the slash fried chicken emporium, the low-voiced drug lord, has blessed us with his presence on both epic shows but wants his character to keep giving things. It would revolve around the origins of his character and how he became the man we all know today.

We’ve already been given little hints of where Gus Fring came from due to the two TV shows he appeared on, however an entire show dedicated to his upbringing would delve deeper into the character.

All we know is that Gus moved to the United States from Chile in the late 1980s and began a mission to destroy the Mexico-based Juarez Cartel after its leader assassinated Gus’s close friend.

We have no idea why he entered the meth industry at Better Call Saul, yet we are all eager to find out.

If the show doesn’t go ahead, we’ll all have to say goodbye to Gus Fring when the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul premieres. Esposito acknowledges that filming for the season should start in March next year and teased that his character will have a lot to do with how the show ends.