Frozen In Time is a house renovating series. Maureen McCormick is coming back on HGTV with her renovation show along with Dan Vickery. Maureen was loved dearly for her role in The Brady Bunch from back in 1969. She recently featured on HGTV for ‘A Very Brady Renovation’.

About Frozen In Time Season 1

The show will follow Mauren McCormick and Dan Vickery go around Southern California and help people design their homes. Dan will play an architectural role. He will help the homes be more sustainable structurally. While Maureen will help the homes look better interiorly. She will help bring more of a different decade touch to the homes with the help of specific pieces. This combo duo is going to make the houses look fabulous with their touches.

Here is the official description from HGTV:

“In HGTV’s new home renovation series Frozen in Time, designer Dan Vickery and A Very Brady Renovation’s Maureen McCormick will overhaul homes that are stuck in a design-time warp. In each episode, Dan will bring the structure up-to-date, while Maureen sources beautiful decade-specific pieces that will give the home a refreshed look AND a wink to its original era.”

Release Date 

The tv series Frozen In Time Season 1 is already upon Discovery+. It was released on January 4th, 2020 in America. The release date for the United Kingdom is yet to be announced.