[FIXED] Fortnite Error Code 93 | Easiest Way to Solve This!


Fortnite is one of the most popular games to play online, providing an arena to battle royale in fantasy land, unquestioned. Giving the most colorful themes and skins to the players, it has become the number one choice among the game-play streamers as nothing compares to the thrill of shooting the heads off of your enemy avatars played by real players all around the world. It happens a lot that an error occurs that does not allow the player to join a party, to multi-play among the teams, and stand out. Fortnite Error code 93 is an error that is not havoc among players, but it is sure as hitch enough to annoy whenever it occurs either from your side or your friends, letting you lose your global ranks.

Fortnite Error Code 93

Fortnite error code 93 is an error that sometimes comes into the scene whenever one tries to join a party. Occasionally this error suddenly at the time of log-in. This error seemingly might just appear due to a bad internet connection, which might be either your connection or maybe someone of your team. Or, there could be multiple reasons behind any error to pop up.

These bugs are all not very predictable and recoverable, but we sure have some things which make sure to eliminate these. Do not forget to check out our bonus special and all the other solutions included in this article. So, let us not waste any more time and know more about the error.

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Fortnite Error Code 93: What is this Error?

Fortnite, as in its competition from the inspired latter franchise PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, always heeds up to perform better in terms of multiple additions to the scenery and game-play collectively. Well, as a result, these random bring-ins come packed up with numerous glitches. Error code 93 is a common issue faced worldwide among Fortnite users, which is still being looked into by Epic. Strange enough that these techno-giants too sometimes take so long in providing fixes, eventually ruining up the whole in-game experience.

Forntine 93 - failed to join party

Unfortunately, this error kicks the player out, whenever one tries to join a party, squad to play the battle royale online. This error might occur even suddenly while trying to sign-in too. Reasons are unknown behind this error; still, some possible contrivances point towards the initiation of this error, which is a big bad bug. Anyways, we have got our readers covered like always, with the best of the workarounds and to-dos. Let us proceed further with why this error occurs, down below.

Possible Fortnite Error Code 93 Causes

  • The most probable cause is the faulty internet, causing this error to jump up. 
  • Another likely reason is a temporary file bug, corrupting the access to the server.
  • If this issue is due to the steam server, check on this and logout.

Things to Remember

Chrome might not seem an application big enough to hinder the game, but actually, it is a big RAM-affecting application designed to maximize the internet experience. Thus make sure to end all chrome related tasks before starting the game.

Defragmenting the main drive in which the game installs, makes sure that all of the game files are in one place so that it becomes easier for your computer to access the data.

Use this link to download this software if your system does not have much RAM, making more of your RAM available to the high priority selects: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1256

Deleting temporary files (temp files) frees up a lot of space, making it smoother to play simultaneously solving the low FPS setting in Fortnite.

Solution to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93

Customize the Character Differently

There are tons of Fortnite characters available. Mostly, some players purchase the passes or only the outfits and skins in the Fortnite game for vanity and respect. However, it may sound strange enough, but as suggested by some of the players, changing the skin and a little customization fixes the error altogether. It would not hurt to try if the fix is just as simple as the steps discussed below:

  • Sign-in into the Fortnite game.
  • At the top menu. Find the Locker tab and click on it.
  • Click on your current skin, under the Account and Equipment section.
  • All the skin collections available will be displayed. Click on any of the skin available, and Fortnite will apply the new skin to your avatar.
  • There are many other ways to customize your avatar. Little vanity changes boost up our skills. 
  • Go back to the game and join some random solo match.
  • Once online, wait for getting into the lobby.
  • in conclusion, accept the invite if any of your friends do, you may ask them to invite you. This workaround will possibly fix up the error.

Joining Without Invite

If you change your lobby to the Public, you will be able to join the party without an invite. To do the same, follow the mentioned steps carefully.

  • Start the Fortnite game.
  • In the match, directly go to the settings.
  • Click on Private on the top right.
  • Now select the Public.
  • Try joining a party again.

Anyways, this workaround has one little disadvantage to the player. It will not form the squad with only your friends, but it will sure let players join the party. Now, up until any of the permanent fix to this issue hits up in a patch update, we do not suggest our readers sit back and wait, but do these quick to get along partying.  

Using Friends List to Join the Party

Through Epic’s friend list, players can join their friend’s party. Consequently, these friends must add to your Epic’s account through their username or an email address. Once someone adds as a friend, you can directly invite them to join your party. Read these simple steps to follow:

friend list to join party and solve fornite error code 93

  • Start the game on your PC.
  • Find the Fortnite menu and click on the Friends tab.
  • Click on the Add Friend Option.
  • Send the friend request to the player, after entering their username or email address.
  • Once the friend request gets accepted, try to join the party again, and look out if the error still exists. 
  • Instead, use the Xbox Gamertag of your friend to add them on the Fortnite, if you play through the Xbox.

Troubleshooting Server

At times, to reset your internet settings, or use a troubleshooter to fix the issue because this might be the wi-fi causing this error. Try to restart your system or only the game. Equally, if this problem is coming from the Fortnite’s server, it will possibly come around to normal in a few minutes. As a result, your system will get a fresh boot thus hyping its overall performance.

troubleshoot to solve fortnite error code 93

Downloading Fortnite Save the world

Luckily, there are some strange things that happen to work for most of the players in a virtual world. It is a user suggested fix that seems to be working for most of the players. 

To do such a workaround, you will have to follow the steps carefully.

  • On your PC, quit the game if it is already running. 
  • Open the Fortnite game launcher.
  • Open settings option by right-clicking on it.
  • Find options inside the settings.
  • Find the Fortnite Installation options.
  • Check out the box suggesting Fortnite Save the World option.
  • Apply these changes.
  • Restart the game now, and this must eliminate the Fortnite Error code 93 significantly.

Crucial Points Related to Fortnite Error Code 93

  • Make sure the game is running in full-screen modes. Windowed mode hinders down the performance. Trying to play in 1080p proves the best for most of the players.
  • It is a competitive game, and if your system is lowering the performance, do not hesitate to turn off the VSync. Besides, shadows wouldn’t matter much when it comes to shooting in a quick-paced game-play.
  • Turning off the replay mode increases the performance. To do this, click on the gear icon in the settings. Find all of the replay options. Clock Apply after turning them all off.
  • Some background apps keep running while still being in game mode. However, this can quickly improve via Task Manager.
  • Using Task Manager to set your game at high priority will eliminate performance-related issues utterly.

Closure – Fornite Error Code 93

As discussed in this article, we covered the major issues concerning the Fortnite error code 93. As this problem arises, you should be well equipped with the fixes next time, whether it be as small as the steam server issue, or as big as an issue with the Skins and not joining through invites. 

You will be handy. We covered all the causes that might initiate this local error to have a more in-depth insight into how things work. If you have any issues or doubts regarding joining the party in Fortnite then let us know and we’ll certainly share a considerable solution ASAP.