Getting the perfect Christian Gray wasn’t easy at all. It was a public process watched with a magnifying glass by the followers and with dozens of candidates, but, finally, Jamie Dornan took the title role of Fifty Shades of Gray. Several years have passed since the saga began and, for many, Dornan remains the eternal tycoon who fell in love with Ana.

Playing such a popular character can have its good things, but also its bad sides, especially if it is someone with whom you do not feel identified. That is what has happened to the actor, who, in an interview with EW following the promotion of Wild Mountain Thyme , his latest film, has confessed that he did not feel very comfortable in the role.

“With Anthony, I knew from the beginning that I had to play him and I felt like he was someone I wanted to be close to. There was no distance there. It’s nice to know that you can play a romantic leader who is very different from the famous romantic role that I have already played. “continues Dornan.

Although you have not specified what it was that made you feel uncomfortable, we can get an idea. In the end, Christian is a self-centered man, somewhat pushy and aggressive. The actor had to give it life for several years, so perhaps he felt tired of the personality of his character.