Sooner or later, there comes a time when all homeowners need to do window replacement for their homes. Replacing windows is one of the most important home renovation projects and is a form of investment for homeowners. The type of window the homeowner uses for their project is entirely their decision.

Choosing the window type is very important and requires some knowledge to help come up with the best decision. Vinyl and fiberglass are some common types of windows to choose from. The following is a discussion on a comparison between vinyl and fiberglass window replacement to help homeowners decide between the two.

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important factor that helps prevent energy loss through thermal transfer from the windows.

In these cases, the energy star-rated vinyl windows are more energy efficient than the fiberglass counterpart. The energy star certified vinyl windows help prevent energy loss, minimizing monthly energy bills.

Both vinyl and fiberglass windows have the triple or double glazing option, which greatly improves insulation. The fiberglass window replacement glazing may wear faster from the corners, which causes energy loss.

This is not the case with vinyl windows because they have complex constructed glazing, which helps offer resistance to all sorts of weather conditions.

Both the vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows are more durable than the wood windows counterparts.

2. The Durability

Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are very durable. The frames of both window types are made of very strong vinyl material.

The fiberglass window fortified with glass fibers is, however, stronger than the vinyl hence more durable.

The vinyl windows feature welded corners which make them stronger. High-quality vinyl is known to be better than vinyl in several aspects.

3. Installation

The vinyl material is subject to expansion and contraction; therefore, it is easy to mount them compared to vinyl windows.

The fiberglass material is compact and not subject to expansion and contraction. The installation requires special expertise because it may be difficult to fit the window opening.

In most cases, it I advisable to have the windows installed by professionals. However, in some cases, the vinyl window replacement can be installed without needing an expert. This is not the case with fiberglass windows which require expertise for installation.

The fiberglass material is not very easily available, making it expensive not only in installation but also in the buying price of the window from the market.

4. Maintenance And Safety

The vinyl windows are easy to maintain because they do not chip, peel, or fade. The fiberglass windows, on the other hand, require regular touch-ups of painting because they do peel and fade.

The vinyl windows only require regular wiping with clean water and soap, which does not take much time compared to fiberglass, where the painting takes time.

Regarding the security and safety factor, both vinyl and fiberglass windows are great. They are both manufactured with good hardware and security features to protect your home from outside dangers.

5. Designs And Color Options

The color of both vinyl and fiberglass windows is determined by the needs and preferences of the homeowners.

The color you choose may determine the type of window you go home with to some extent. With the vinyl replacement windows, the color is painted during the initial production process; therefore, there is no chance of peeling off. The fiberglass windows can be painted with the color of choice upon order.

When it comes to the design options, there are various designs of Vinyl and fiberglass windows for homeowners to choose from. You only need to ask an expert on a design that blends with the rest of the structure before deciding.

6. The Costs

Fiberglass window replacements are a bit expensive compared to vinyl windows. The fiberglass material is the most expensive to find, making the window expensive in the long run.

The installation of the fiberglass replacement windows may also be higher than the vinyl windows due to their rigid nature.