• Know how the fans are concerned about the return of PUBG Mobile Lite to India?
  • PUBG Mobile Lite was also banned at the beginning of September with the main version.

No information has been revealed about the return of PUBG Mobile Lite to India. Actually, the main version of PUBG Mobile was announced with a few changes in India. No information about the minor version was found.

Many people in India used to play PUBG Mobile Lite and now they are unable to enjoy the game. Because of this, fans are constantly asking questions.

So far no information has been revealed by PUBG Corporation about the return of PUBG Mobile Lite to India. No information about this version was also found in the official press release.

Players are going to the website of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile and the Global version of PUBG Mobile Lite to get information about the return of this game in India.

However, only the message of “coming soon” is coming on it. Apart from this, there is no information on the website of the global version of PUBG Mobile Lite. Many people are also questioning the return of PUBG Mobile Lite to India on Twitter.

Here are some tweets:

All these PUBG Mobile Lite players will have to wait to know about the official announcement from the company. No important news has been revealed so far.