External SSD vs HDD: Which is best for MacBook Pro?


Solid State Drive and Hard disk drives have almost the same physical look but have some different qualities of storing the data. Both have some advantages and disadvantages on which you can decide the best one for your MacBook pro. So today in this article, we will discuss the difference between SSD and HDD, and which one is better for your MacBook Pro.


So before deciding the best drive for storage, we should know the work of both the drives.

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SSD means Solid State drive that has many small parts inside the hard drive like spinning platters and magnetic heads. SSD stores data in non-volatile memory that means if you switch off your PC, the data will not vanish. There is a technology called Nand, which is a flash memory and provides superior performance and durability. First of all, the whole data is read by a block, and the data copied from the old block and paste it to a new block. The whole data gets erased from the old block when it transfers to a new block.

To prevent any type of issue in the drive, there is an algorithm that gives equal chances to every block to read or write processes. This method is called wear leveling that happens automatically.


HDD means Hard Disk Drive that helps in storing the data. This is a very old drive in which the size is getting smaller and the storage capacity is getting higher as time passes.


HDD has more than one magnetic platter and actual arm having read or write head on each platter. There is an I/O controller that performs the whole function and communicates the rest of the system. 

When you update or retrieve any data, the I/O controller communicates with the actual arm to read or write the data. The HDD relies on platters and spinning disks to read or write the data.

SSD or HDD: Which one is better for Mac?

As we have already said, both of the drives have different storage capacities. So now it depends on you which drive you are preferring. Here are some more details from which you can decide the best drive for your MacBook Pro.

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The MacBook Pro already comes with Solid State Drive. On the other hand, the best external Hard drive for MacBook is recommended instead of an SSD. This is because they come in budget with more storage.

If we talk about the costing then hard disk drives are more affordable than solid-state drives. But if you want your work faster then you should go with an SSD because it is faster than HDD.

As we have said that SSD is expensive but it is more durable than HDD and will provide you more service. Now if we talk about the capacity then HDD has 10TB of highest capacity while SSD has 4 TB of highest capacity. HDD consumes more power than SSD and uses more energy.

Closure | HDD VS SSD

By all these details you can easily decide which drive is better for your MacBook Pro. Both drives are perfect but as always budget and quality make a big impact on buying anything.