It is 2021 and this last year has been an insurmountable obstacle in virtually every way imaginable, people have a lot of expectations for the new year and we are not talking about resolutions. Television fans are expecting new episodes of their favorite shows, notably Lucifer lovers. Together with the first half of Season 5 released last year, they are eagerly expecting the second half to discover how everybody’s preferred Devil deals with all the abrupt return of his dear old dad, aka God. Unfortunately, the latest upgrade from the Netflix series‘ writers is a disappointing one. Turns out, even they don’t’ know when the rest of Season 5 will be released.

About Twitter this past week, the official Lucifer Writers Room account retweeted a fan’s meme joking about questioning when Season 5B is going to be released with the authors commenting they don’t know when the release is intended for, mentioning that it is not finished yet.

“We know everyone wants to know, but the reality is even WE don’t understand when #LuciferSeason5B will emerge,” they wrote. “It is not finished yet. The pandemic blew up our strategies. However, as soon as we have an official launch date, trust us, we’re dying to let you know! Same with a trailer. #patience #Lucifer.”

As they noted, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a small monkey wrench at Lucifer’s fifth season. Like most film and television productions, work on Lucifer’s fifth season was suddenly closed down because of the pandemic. Production declared after in the year with security protocols set up and, with filming on the season completed this autumn, work rolled into the show’s sixth and final season. However, since the authors mention that the season isn’t “finished” yet suggests, there’s more to having a show prepared for the atmosphere. All that is clear at this stage is that fans might have to wait a little more for the next half of Season 5 – and also for a brand new trailer too.

But when the remaining episodes of Season 5 do drop, fans could have the ability to anticipate God (Dennis Haysbert) sticking around for a while. Back in November, the Lucifer Twitter account noted that they were not able to talk about a release date, but they did tease that lovers could “get ready for ***’s extended stay on *****”. The blanks would fit together with the phrase “God’s long stay on Earth.”

Seasons 1-4 as well as the first half of Season 5 of Lucifer are streaming on Netflix.