Everything We Know About The Matrix 4: Resurrections
Everything We Know About The Matrix 4: Resurrections

Here’s everything that’s been revealed so far about The Matrix: Resurrections. A visual feast and an entry into a vividly detailed science fiction world filled with fascinating subtext and philosophical musings, the original Matrix movie stunned audiences in 1999. Besides Keanu Reeves, other iconic supporting actors included Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Laurence Fishburne. The Matrix was the Wachowski brothers’ first major feature film, launching them into the world of cinema.

Everything We Know About The Matrix 4: Resurrections
Everything We Know About The Matrix 4: Resurrections

A sequel to The Matrix was released in 2003, called The Matrix Reloaded. Finally, a sequel to The Matrix Revolutions was released in 2006. Both films received generally positive reviews, but neither was able to match the quality of the original, and many fans were let down by the sequels’ slow pace, heavy exposition, and wasted characters. Actual movie scenes and impressive visuals were retained, but no other parts were altered.

The Matrix 4 has been talked about nearly constantly since the sequels’ release, and that will finally happen on December 31, 2021, with the title revealed at CinemaCon. The Matrix: Resurrections is coming to HBO Max, and here’s everything we know about it.

The Matrix 4: Resurrections Release & Trailer Date

After the global pandemic significantly delayed the release, and Warner Bros opted to release all of 2021’s influential films on HBO Max, The Matrix 4 will launch on HBO Max on December 22 2021. In mid-March, due to the Coronavirus, the production for Matrix: Resurrections was halted but resuming in the summer.

Even though it is less than a year away from release, The Matrix 4’s trailer offers very little insight. A trailer for HBO Max will be released at CinemaCon in advance of the Super Bowl, which will provide HBO with the opportunity to market the release further.

New Matrix 4 Resurrections Cast Members

There will be nearly as many new faces as there are familiar ones in the franchise’s fourth film. According to the first footage description, Aquaman’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II appears to be playing a younger version of Morpheus. The Matrix 4 has also cast Neil Patrick Harris, Iron Fist’s Jessica Henwick, Mindhunter’s Jonathan Groff, Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Spartacus’ Ellen Hollman, and Sense8’s Toby Onwumere and Brian J. Smith, mostly in undisclosed roles. During CinemaCon 2021, Harris announced his position – at least in part – as a therapist under the name of Neo. As the last addition, Christina Ricci played a role that remains unnamed in the film.

The Matrix 4 Resurrections Plot

Beyond what was shown at CinemaCon, not much has been revealed about The Matrix 4’s plot. Neo was unaware of his previous life as The One in the real world, which was a welcome revelation despite showing both him and Trinity returning to the Matrix – the construct rather than the franchise. Despite experiencing deja vu, it also confirmed that Thomas and Trinity don’t know each other. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is shown offering Thomas a choice between the red or blue pill to wake him up to the reality of the Matrix. In the trailer description, it’s said that Neo will regain his powers, thus fitting in with the title’s second meaning. There is no confirmation whether the Machine War will return, nor does Neo’s status in the Matrix, both of which are incredibly fascinating.