After spending about 14 days hospitalized, at dawn on Friday, July 30, comedian Sammy Pérez died of a cardiovascular heart attack, as was announced by the actor’s relatives through their social networks.

Sammy’s nightmare began when he entered the hospital, due to being infected with COVID-19; However, throughout his stay at the clinic, his health deteriorated due to his diabetes, which caused kidney problems.

But after confirming that Pérez died this day at dawn, many wanted to know the feelings of Eugenio Derbez, since the Mexican producer was the one who made the late actor jump to fame in his programs.

In an interview with the program “Hoy”, Derbez emphasized the human quality of Sammy and released some heartbreaking words to regret that his death happened in the conditions in which it occurred, so nothing was saved.

“I loved him very much, I had a very strong and very good relationship with him outside of work … he always went to my parties, to my meetings, he was a person that I loved very much and was very close to me. It hurts me because I was a good soul ”, said the now Hollywood star, words that make it clear that they had a good relationship inside and outside the forums, although we must not forget that Eugenio had already come out to answer after being singled out for no. support it.

In addition to ending by saying, “He was a man who shone wherever you put him, he was a being of light … Sammy was a wonderful being who where you put him shone”, this was the last goodbye of the Derbez patriarch to his friend.