It’s all a lie. False of all falsehood. The former president of the Community of Madrid Esperanza Aguirre denies the revelations of Luis Barcenas, who accuses her of having participated in the corrupt plot that would have affected the PP, for receiving an envelope with black money. Barcenas has assured before the judge that is instructing the Púnica case that he and the former PP treasurer Alvaro Lapuerta gave Aguirre an envelope with 60,000 euros, an amount that the construction company Ploder had previously given them. Barcenas dates these events in 2007, within the framework of municipal and regional elections.

In an interview with Onda Cero, Aguirre has reiterated that he will sue Barcenas for false testimony, as he announced yesterday in a statement, and has valued that now the only thing that matters is to know if they emotion me, that I am the medal gold of this matter. In other words, the great game in the sight of the former treasurer in the Punic case. Aguirre believes that the former PP treasurer points her out to obtain, in exchange for her collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office, more prison benefits for him and his wife. What happens is that if you collaborate they give you prison benefits, insisted the former popular leader.

The former president of the PP of the Community of Madrid has put as an example of this strategy the news that this newspaper advanced yesterday about the first two six-day permits that Prisons have granted to Barcenas. They won’t be able to find anything for me, Aguirre stressed. Barcenas would have to prove it, and it is impossible because it is false of all falsehood, he stressed. Aguirre has also commented on two other current issues: the move of Genoa and the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). Regarding the farewell to the emblematic national headquarters of the PP, the former president of the PP in Madrid -which occupies the first floor- has assured that it cannot be that this is the only reflection we make of the elections in Catalonia, because if we have turned to the center, we should have taken some of the 30 seats that Cs left, and not only did we not take, but we lost one.

Also, Aguirre has criticized the error of Pablo Casado by assuring that he did not want to act as spokesman on 1-O by not agreeing with Mariano Rajoy’s position. And it has also spoiled the personal attacks on Abascal in the motion of censure in October. “That is unacceptable, frankly, he has judged.

Regarding the CGPJ, Aguirre has charged against his political archenemy, Alberto Ruiz Gallardan, When we had an absolute majority, Gallardan said that he was going to change the law so that the obscene spectacle that politicians elect the judges who later on them would not be given. they have to judge. Not having done so is a disgrace to us. Regarding the current renewal of the 20 council members, Aguirre has pointed out that an honorable way out for the PP would have been that its quota of elections was transferred to the judges themselves so that they could choose their representatives in the governing body.