He is probably the foremost popular YouTuber in our country. El Rubius announced in one of his streams last Sunday that he was moving to Andorra because all his friends are there and since not paying numerous taxes is a plus, obviously.

The case of El Rubius, whose real name is Ruben Doblas Gundersen, is one among an extended list of YouTubers who have packed their bags to cross the Pyrenees attracted by, among other charms, its benevolent tax conditions. Colleagues like TheGrefg, Lolito, Vegeta777, or Willyrex are established in Andorra for years.

I am literally ten years of my career on YouTube paying here, he said while admitting that there would be controversy over this movement. People often speak without knowing and that I know what’s getting to happen, but I’m not worried.

He wasn’t wrong. Much has been made from his move since then. such a lot so that, although he said he wouldn’t roll in the hay, the YouTuber has published a letter on his social networks explaining his decision.

At first, I used to be not getting to discuss this issue. I had planned to stay quiet and continue living my life. many of us on the brink of me has also recommended that I remain silent and await the tide to subside a touch.

Others have advised me to offer a politician response, hiring a communication consultant, and send it to the media. But seeing where all this has come, I even have decided to write down and publish this on my very own. within the end, what’s being talked about is my life So I like better to tackle it myself, “he explains.

Although he expected criticism, the YouTuber didn’t expect some comments that are made lately. But rational criticism is one thing and another is treating me sort of a criminal and saying all the atrocities I even have had to listen to from many journalists (from whom minimum professionalism and rigor are often expected) who continue television to mention that I steal from the Spanish. Not to say the vice-chairman of the govt who publicly points his finger at me.

Ruben also complains about the treatment that various media outlets have given the news. The common denominator? Take what I said out of context, search for the straightforward click, and, of course, the shortage of contrast and truthful sources. He adds that social networks have only added fuel to the hearth.

In the RRSS, anyone has an open opinion supported an easy 128-character headline, or supported the primary result they need obtaining in their Google search without a touch of critical thinking, deepening or contrast”.

The letter doesn’t overlook the controversy over taxes. El Rubios assures that he has paid half what he has earned to the treasury and claims to be very happy to possess done so. Many people speak as if I had not paid taxes in my life, as if I had not done anything for my country (or rather, for one among my two countries) as if I were a criminal. I even have spent these 10 years of YouTuber paying almost half what I’ve earned in taxes. 10 years. and I am so glad I paid them.

He also has words for the Treasury: What bothers me is that, although I even have been doing things well and legally since day one, as, without a doubt, they ought to be done, the Treasury has treated me as if I were a criminal.

Since that first day, I even have been subjected to tax inspections, notifications are issued to the remainder of the ECU and US Treasuries to ascertain if I had “hidden current accounts, they need imposed sanctions on me for not meeting requests that never came and extended etcetera.

According to Business Insider magazine, El Rubius, who is 30 years old and has almost 40 million subscribers on YouTube, earned 4.3 million euros last year. And he’s been at this since 2006.

Andorra is one among the countries in Europe (it isn’t a member of the ECU Union) during which fewer taxes like income tax are levied, which counting on the tranches, in our country are often as high as 52%. In Andorra, the utmost would be 10%. this is often one among the various advantages offered to people like El Rubius, whose annual turnover is a millionaire. The cap on corporate tax is additionally 10% in Andorra, in contrast to 30% in Spain.